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    16 Easter Eggs Taylor Swift Left In Her New Capital One Commercial

    Suddenly, I'm a detective.

    Happy Monday, Swifties! Taylor Swift's new Capital One ad just debuted and it's *chef's kiss*.

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    Capital One / Via

    In the commercial, Taylor looks out the window and realizes its a little bit chilly outside, so she walks over to her closet and figures out what to wear.

    Taylor standing in front of the doors to her large closet
    Capital One /

    She decides on wearing a cardigan and gives us a little wink because, well, LOL.

    Capital One /

    FYI, "Cardigan" is the leading single for Taylor's new album Folklore.

    And in perfect Taylor fashion, there are a TON of other Easter eggs too:

    1. First, we have the "August" hourglass:

    Capital One /, Lauren Garafano / BuzzFeed

    Taylor also released these same hourglasses during one of her recent merch launches.

    2. There's a jar full of pennies for "The 1":

    Capital One /, Lauren Garafano / BuzzFeed

    3. A miniature version of the trunk from the "Cardigan" music video:

    Capital One /, Republic /

    4. A peace sign for "Peace":

    Capital One /, Republic

    5. A pair of pointe shoes (also known as toe shoes) and a mirrorball for, you guessed it, "Mirrorball":

    Capital One /, Lauren Garafano / BuzzFeed

    6. A lime green dog, like the one Taylor references in "The Last Great American Dynasty":

    Capital One /, Lauren Garafano / BuzzFeed

    7. A soldier for "Epiphany":

    Lauren Garafano / BuzzFeed, Capital One /

    8. An ax for "Invisible String":

    Capital One /, Lauren Garafano / Capital One /

    9. The number 13, because like, duh:

    Capital One /, Fred Duval / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    10. Two dice showing the number eight, which is the amount of albums Taylor currently has:

    Capital One /, Republic

    Swifties also believe that the number eight could possibly mean "August," which is the eighth track on Folklore, might be Taylor's next single. However, other fans believe that if you count all the dots on the dice it equals 14 and "Betty" is the 14th track on "Folklore," which is another song rumored to be Taylor's next single.

    11. And a stack of six books, which could maybe represent the six master recordings now owned by Big Machine, five of which Taylor is planning to rerecord:

    Capital One /, Big Machine

    12. However, the tiny plants on top of the stack of books can also be for "Invisible String":

    Capital One /, Lauren Garafano / BuzzFeed

    13. This outfit also happens to be the same one Taylor wore in her Biden-Harris cookies picture:

    Capital One /, @taylorswift /

    14. A bunch of wisteria for "The Lakes":

    Capital One /, Lauren Garafano / BuzzFeed

    15. The perfume on the shelf for "Illicit Affairs":

    Capital One /, Lauren Garafano / BuzzFeed

    16. A "Home Sweet Folklore" stitch for Folklore, obviously:

    Capital One /, Republic

    Did you notice any Easter eggs that we didn't catch? Let us know in the comments!

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