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This "Office" Cold Open Was Actually A Complete Mistake

“Ladies and gentleman, it was not meant to pop."

So for all those fans of The Office out there, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey have launched their own Office podcast and it's delightful.

On their podcast, Office Ladies, they talk about all their favorite memories from filming and give us some juicy behind-the-scenes info.

This week's episode included one particularly juicy detail about the cold open from Season 2, Episode 8, where Jim pops Dwight's ~fitness orb~.

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In case it's been a while since you've seen the cold open, lemme refresh your memory. The scene begins with Jim and Dwight working at their desks, except instead of sitting on a chair, Dwight is bouncing on an exercise ball.

And Dwight is super annoying because, duh.

Then Jim grabs a pair of scissors, stabs the ball, it pops completely, and Dwight falls on the floor.

Here's the fun part: Jenna revealed that this WASN'T supposed to happen.

Jenna said, "Ladies and gentleman, it was not meant to pop. The idea was that John would stick the scissors into the fitness orb, it would deflate very slowly and the camera would be in front of Dwight’s desk, and you would see him just very slowly sort of melt to the floor."

She continued to explain that during rehearsals, Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski (who played Dwight and Jim) practiced the scene three times, then shot 13 takes — getting the desired result every time.

Finally during the last take, the John cut the ball, it popped, and that was the take they decided to keep in the episode.

And if you look realllllllllllly closely, you can see John start to break character and run away.

IDK about you, but I am eternally grateful for this perfectly priceless mishap.