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    Updated on May 13, 2020. Posted on May 12, 2020

    19 Thoughts People Had While Watching "Dead To Me" Season 2

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    Last weekend, Dead to Me returned to Netflix for a wild and glorious second season.


    And if you binged through the entire season like me, then you know how much of an emotional roller coaster it was.


    This season made fans laugh, cry, and fall head over heels in love with Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate.

    It went a little something like this:

    1. First, you may have been reminded just how great Linda and Christina are together.

    This is your reminder that Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are an unstoppable force together on #DeadToMe and I could give an entire Ted Talk about how underrated and amazing they are

    2. Like, so great that they both deserve ALL the Emmys for these performances.

    me after watching christina applegate and linda cardellini literally killing it on dead to me season 2

    3. Then, after finding out that Steve has an equally hot identical twin, you probably thought, Huh...James Marsden can still verrrrrry much get it.

    Men who identify with James Marsden in Dead to Me Season 2, SHOW YOURSELVES

    4. You probably watched Judy break down while eating a pudding cup, and never felt more seen.

    Just started watching #DeadToMe season 2 and honestly Judy sobbing into a pudding cup in a closet is big mood.

    5. You definitely got SUUUUUPER annoyed with Charlie when he stole Steve's car out of the storage locker, when he really should've minded his own damn business.

    Charlie is fucking annoying #DeadToMe

    6. You may have come to realize that you're not actually a Jen or a Judy but a Shandy.

    And in this moment I realized I’m not Jen or Judy, but Shandy #DeadToMe

    7. You also probably sobbed some real ugly tears when Judy sang "Dream a Little Dream of Me" at the makeshift funeral for Henry's bird.

    Can we take a moment to appreciate @lindacardellini singing Dream a little dream of me? Talented, incredible, brilliant, amazing, showstopping, spectacular. 💥 WARNING: Spoilers.

    8. You probably leaped for joy when Frances Conroy's character, Eileen, graced your screen.

    Three seconds on screen and I'm already in love with Frances Conroy's character in Dead to Me

    9. And wanted to do a backflip when you found out Katey Sagal was the actor playing Judy's mom.

    the way i yelled when katey sagal showed up in dead to me and the way i yelled again when i checked her wikipedia and realized she could conceivably play linda cardellini’s mom

    10. This season, you undoubtedly fell in love with Detective Perez and would do anything on this planet to make her happy.

    Perez is one of my favorite parts of #DeadtoMe. I could watch her be annoyed with Judy forever.

    11. And you suddenly had some very strong romantic feelings for Natalie Morales's character, Michelle.

    if anyone was wondering what my type is: michelle from season 2 of dead to me

    12. Basically, you wholeheartedly stan Judy and Michelle.

    everyone say thank you linda cardellini and natalie morales #deadtome

    13. You're also probably still shipping Jen and Ben suuuuuuuper hard, even though there's a fuck load of baggage there.

    Yeah i'm rooting for Ben and Jen even though she killed his semi-identical twin brother Steve and he hit her with a car. #DeadToMe

    14. You most likely cried when you thought Jen was about to turn herself in for murder, and bawled your freaking eyes out when Jen considered Judy a second mother to her kids.

    “Our boys” they’re so soft for each other #Deadtome2 #DeadToMe

    15. You probably shrieked as Ben drunkenly got into a car accident with Judy and Jen, Charlie presumably found out that his mother murdered someone, and basically everything turned to shit.

    just finished dead to me season 2 and how the fuck they gon end the season just like that

    16. Then, once you finished the show in record speed, you had to do some soul-searching because you accidentally binged the entire! freaking! season! the day it came out, instead of spacing out the episodes like a normal person.

    did I just watch season 2 of dead to me in its entirety? yes, i did. did it come out today? yes. wow. #Deadtome2

    17. And after knowing everything you know now, you probably still can't imagine why people AREN'T watching the show.

    18. You even briefly wondered if Season 2 was — in fact — even better than Season 1.

    wondering if there’s ever been a netflix show with a second season as good as #DeadToMe

    19. And now, finally, you're probably just the tiiiiiiiiniest bit lost because you don't know what to do with yourself while you wait for Dead to Me to be renewed for a third season.

    Here's to hoping for a Season 3!


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