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    This Pic Of Dax Shepard At The "Frozen 2" Premiere Is So Cute That It'll Warm Up Even The Coldest Hearts

    You really love to see it.

    There's no denying that Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are basically the cutest couple in the world.

    I mean, just look at them!!!

    Well, Dax just took their undeniable adorableness to a whole new level at the Frozen 2 premiere last night when he kissed the Anna statue — AKA Kristen Bell's character — on the cheek.

    And his caption was equally just as cute.

    My heart is so happy right now!!!!!

    As a person who was super excited for the first Frozen, I can confirm that I am just a tiiiiiiiiny bit jealous he got to see Frozen 2 already.

    But alas, it looks like I'll have to wait until Nov. 22 like everyone else. At least this perfect moment will hold me over until then!