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    David Dobrik Jokingly Asked His Fans To Vote Him "Sexiest Heartthrob," And Then He Freaking Won

    I mean, how could you NOT vote for him?!

    Here's David Dobrik — internet sensation, YouTube legend, and now, People's ~sexiest heartthrob~.

    But let's flashback to a month ago, when David first found out he was nominated and told the world about it on his Instagram story.

    He, for one, was shocked.

    And like the jokester he is, he asked his fans to vote for him with a super-flattering selfie.

    Even David's buddy Jason Nash joined in on the fun and rallied for David's sexy win.

    And his fans really pulled through...

    David has been nominated for @people’s sexiest heartthrob✨ look at his face! obviously deserves to win so let’s vote:

    Because as it turns out, he freaking won!!!!

    And honestly, I'm not upset about it. I mean just LOOK at him!!!!!!

    And according to his most recent Insta story, he's really embracing his newfound "sexiness."

    So congrats on the win, David — AKA the sexiest heartthrob alive!