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    David Dobrik Jokingly Asked His Fans To Vote Him "Sexiest Heartthrob," And Then He Freaking Won

    I mean, how could you NOT vote for him?!

    Here's David Dobrik — internet sensation, YouTube legend, and now, People's ~sexiest heartthrob~.

    But let's flashback to a month ago, when David first found out he was nominated and told the world about it on his Instagram story.

    He, for one, was shocked.

    Instagram: @daviddobrik

    On his story he joked, "So, People Magazine does this thing where they name "sexiest man of the year," and for "sexiest heartthrob," they have Shawn [Mendes], Harry [Styles], Noah [Centineo] — which all make perfect sense. And then I don't know who the fuck snuck me into there but I look like a complete idiot next to these guys."

    And like the jokester he is, he asked his fans to vote for him with a super-flattering selfie.

    Even David's buddy Jason Nash joined in on the fun and rallied for David's sexy win.

    And his fans really pulled through...

    David has been nominated for @people’s sexiest heartthrob✨ look at his face! obviously deserves to win so let’s vote:

    Because as it turns out, he freaking won!!!!

    And honestly, I'm not upset about it. I mean just LOOK at him!!!!!!

    And according to his most recent Insta story, he's really embracing his newfound "sexiness."

    So congrats on the win, David — AKA the sexiest heartthrob alive!


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