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    Tana Mongeau Hinted That She Could Be Dating David Dobrik, But He Actually Just Denied The Whole Thing

    "R y'all on crack."

    ICYMI, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul got married a few months ago.

    Since then, they've had some relationship updates.

    There was a potential, but now debunked, Noah Cyrus–Tana relationship.

    ...and finally, a breakup.

    Fellow vlogger David Dobrik has also gone through a "breakup" after recently divorcing fellow YouTuber Jason Nash's mom, Lorraine.

    A whirlwind, I know. But stay with me. A few days ago, Tana actually tweeted about ~hanging out~ with David.

    for the past two days i’ve been coincidentally napping when David texted me “what are you doing” so i just changed his text tone to an alarm tone because 2020 is not a year of fucking up my bag

    And she and David both got the result "In Love" after using the 2020 predictions Insta filter, and she posted this:

    Some fans were getting a liiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit sus, after Tana retweeted this story asking if she was dating David...

    But fortunately, David sprung into action and quickly denied any sort of romantic relationship with Tana.

    R y’all on crack

    So, there you have it, folks. David and Tana are not dating. Now you can continue to carry on with your life!!!


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