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During His Puppy Interview, Charlie Puth Said Bruce Springsteen Is Likely To Pick Up A FaceTime Faster Than His Own Parents

From working with Jungkook, to his favorite song to perform live, to the TV show he'd most want to cameo on, nothing was off limits.

About a month ago, we revealed that Charlie Puth would be doing his first puppy interview, and we asked fans to send in all the questions they had for him.

i have 99 problems and charlie puth doing the buzzfeed puppy interview would solve them all

Twitter: @CharlieVotes

And to celebrate the release of his new album, Charlie, he enthusiastically agreed to sit down with BuzzFeed and play with the sweetest puppies you'll ever see...all while answering YOUR questions.

It was so, SO cute.

Charlie talked about why he wrote his entire album on TikTok:

Charlie saying he wrote the album on TikTok because he wanted his fans to feel like they were part of the writing process with him

He also shared what celebrity friend would answer a FaceTime immediately:

Charlie saying that Bruce Springsteen responds to texts faster than his parents

And he even revealed his favorite person to collab with:

Charlie saying "My favorite person to collaborate with is Elton John, I was just watching him in awe"

All in all, it was a pure delight.

So, if you want to bask in seven and a half minutes of pure joy, I suggest you watch the video below:

View this video on YouTube

Be sure to stream Charlie, which is out now.

And if this inspired you to adopt a pup, all of these puppies are available for adoption through North Shore Animal League America.