24 Famous People Who Truly Cannot Get Enough Of The Absolute Gift Known As "The Queen's Gambit"

    "All of it is just... *chefs kiss*."

    In case you missed it, The Queen's Gambit has become a huuuuuge streaming sensation...and I mean HUGE.

    People truly cannot get enough of this show, including some very famous fans:

    1. Kerry Washington:

    I loved #QueensGambit. Loved. Wept at the end. Beautiful storytelling. Bravo to the creators, cast and crew. And especially Moses Ingram 🙏🏾 We see you ❤️ You blessed this production! (And OMG, @LynPaolo have you watched yet?!?! Those COATS in the finale?! 😍 So perfect!!)

    2. Halsey:

    in unrelated news I binge watched The Queen’s Gambit to keep myself sane the past few days. Can’t tell who I have a bigger crush on. Anya Taylor-Joy or Thomas Brodie-Sangster !!!!

    3. Mindy Kaling:

    Damn, Godless guy wrote Queen’s Gambit?!? He good

    4. Todrick Hall:

    Watching “The Queen’s Gambit” and its stunning! ♟

    5. Stephen King:

    I've watched a lot of TV during this cursed year--I know I'm not alone--and the best of the best is THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT, on Netflix. Utterly thrilling. I thought nothing would beat THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO SEVEN, but this does.

    6. Henry Winkler:

    @JoyAnnReid Queens gambit ,,, my octopus teacher .. will both knock you out

    7. Nyle DiMarco:

    anyone wanna a spin off on jolene from queen’s gambit?

    8. Rainn Wilson:

    The Queens Gambit on Netflix is so so so good. Wow.

    9. Jeffrey Dean Morgan:

    @saviornegans @powercohan Hearing great things about #queensgambit on @netflix

    10. Karen Gillan:

    The Queens Gambit was so good and I don’t want it to be over make more MAKE MORE PLEASE

    11. The Office star Angela Kinsey:

    The Queen’s Gambit is so good! I’m three episodes in and it’s 💃♟🙌!

    12. 2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings:

    The Queen’s Gambit is so good I never want it to end

    13. To All the Boys author Jenny Han:

    That was Dudley Dursley in the Queen’s Gambit you guys 🤯

    14. Arrow star Stephen Amell:

    If @netflix is going to release a series that’s the love child of Mad Men & Searching For Bobby Fischer with a Giant Fucking Star as its Lead AND call it The Queen’s Gambit... well... I am going to love it. And I do. I will watch this first season 11 times.

    15. Comedian Todd Barry:

    Watched "The Queen's Gambit" and downloaded a chess app. It's all happening! #MyNewLife

    16. How to Get Away with Murder star Jack Falahee:

    17. Comedian and actor Fortune Feimster:

    It took me a bit to realize it’s Marielle Heller playing Alma in the Queen’s Gambit. I kept going who is this actress, she’s awesome. I only knew of Marielle’s directing work but her acting is 💯

    18. Model Martha Hunt:

    The attention to overall detail and set design in the Queen’s Gambit is my new fav aesthetic

    19. RuPaul's Drag Race alum Nina West:

    I know i am a little late but The Queen’s Gambit!!! Wow.

    20. YouTuber Meghan Camarena:

    I know nothing about Chess but absolutely loved The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix 🥺

    21. YouTuber (and one half of the Merrell twins) Veronica Merrell:

    This was my second time beating Aaron at chess! 🥳 we watched Queen’s Gambit on Netflix and it made us want to play! I always lose but I got him finally 😌

    22. In the Heights and Hamilton star Javier Muñoz:

    I’m literally yelling at the television. You have to watch Queen's Gambit. We all fight for our dreams; that is this story and it’s done so perfectly! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @netflix #QueensGambit

    23. Comedian Paul F. Tompkins:

    Watching & enjoying The Queen’s Gambit. Got a few episodes in before I saw that it was based on a Walter Tevis novel. Which maybe I read a million years ago? But this is all completely new to me!

    24. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Chloe Bennet:

    The Queens Gambit is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. Every detail is delectable. All of it is just... *chefs kiss*