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    Updated on Sep 7, 2020. Posted on Sep 5, 2020

    JoJo Siwa Reacted To Some Mean Comments About Herself, Plus 15 More Things Celebs Did On TikTok This Week

    "Thought I’d join Euphoria TikTok today."

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    1. JoJo Siwa read some of her nastiest comments:


    These actually made me die laughing. Mission accomplished. Thank you for this✨🧚🏼🙈

    ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod

    2. James Charles and Emma Chamberlain finally settled their drama:


    an accurate depiction of the last 2 years 😌 @emmachamberlain

    ♬ Because of You - Ne-Yo

    3. Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and Madelaine Petsch created a joint TikTok account:


    Hit it Fergie

    ♬ Fergalicious - Fergie

    4. Lizzo just proved why she needs to be cast in Euphoria:


    Thought I’d join euphoria TikTok today

    ♬ feel something - bea miller - valen.carp

    5. Vanessa Hudgens gave her best "WAP" performance:


    Learned another dance yallll lol

    ♬ original sound - vanessahudgens

    6. Tom Felton sang a little end of summer song:


    Tomorrow morning 🌞 - #jackjohnson #music

    ♬ original sound - t22felton

    7. China Anne McClain did her best "mom on Saturday morning" impression and she had props:



    ♬ original sound - pagekennedy

    8. Conan Gray had a mini jam sesh and the vibes were ~golden~:



    ♬ original sound - conangray

    9. Lil Yachty shared the secret of how he keeps his skin so ~fresh~:


    Fresh face make up tutorials 😇

    ♬ original sound - lilyachty

    10. Marsai Martin and her mom were twinning:


    ♬ original sound - marsaimartin

    11. Shay Mitchell shared all of her fave Canadian snacks:


    First stop home: grocery store. Why? Because I can get all the above. What are your favoUrites? 🇨🇦 #Canadiansnacks

    ♬ ayo canadian check - kaitsamec

    12. Baby Ariel lowkey became a vlogger:


    the worst vlog you’ll ever watch

    ♬ worldstar money (interlude) - Joji

    13. Charli D'Amelio danced her heart out, per usual:


    ♬ Money Mouf - tyga

    14. Ashley Tisdale was really feeling her neon eyeliner look:


    This eyeliner is a mood ⚡️ #FreezeFramePhoto

    ♬ CHROMANCE – Wrap Me In Plastic - vashamarousia

    15. Jason Derulo practiced his TikTok ~magic~:


    Now you see him now you don’t. PS my BADDD @zachking

    ♬ Mood - 24KGoldn

    16. And finally, Liza Koshy was straight-up vibin':


    i have 217 drafts of me vibing out, messing up and then forgiving myself 🥂

    ♬ All TikTok Mashup (JVKE - Upside Down) - imjakelawson

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