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    Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Made Their Return To TikTok, Plus 17 More Things Famous People Did On TikTok This Week

    "Y’all my worst nightmare happened yesterday..."

    1. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were feelin' the beat and finally returned to TikTok after having their baby:

    2. Tom Felton re-created this Harry Potter moment and it was — dare I say — ✨magical✨:

    3. David Dobrik finally debunked all those Addison Rae relationship rumors:


    Sorry you had to find out this way @addisonre @sherinicolee

    ♬ original sound - daviddobrik

    4. Kimberly J. Brown proved that it's never too early for fall:


    When people say it’s too early in September for pumpkin spice...#pumpkinspice #fyp #foryoupage #autumnvibes #billyjoel

    ♬ My Life - Billy Joel

    5. China Anne McClain blessed us with this TikTok-ified Phineas and Ferb storyline:

    6. Lil Yachty burnt his cookies BIG TIME:


    The oven isn’t for everybody

    ♬ original sound - lilyachty

    7. Marsai Martin shared this crunchy finger trick:

    8. Devon Werkheiser was mad at Disney with this super cute and nostalgic collab with Christy Carlson Romano and Kimberly J. Brown:

    9. Shay Mitchell showed us what life would be like if we all spoke like we texted:


    If texts could talk... 🙈

    ♬ original sound - itskatematee

    10. Charli D'Amelio got her Mamma Mia on:

    11. Shaquille O'Neal did this little tip toe dance:

    12. Terry Crews was looking as dapper as ever:

    13. Ashley Tisdale danced her heart out:

    14. Selena Gomez shared some behind-the-scenes footage from her and Blackpink's collab, "Ice Cream":

    15. JoJo Siwa had this little dance moment that would make Lady Gaga proud:


    #duet with @chromaticaking lil Gaga dancer moment!!💓⚡️

    ♬ 911 - Lady Gaga

    16. Jason Derulo hung out with Pikachu:


    Pikachu has the worst temper @eyeejay

    ♬ original sound - jasonderulo

    17. Lizzo was almost attacked by a bee:


    Y’all my worst nightmare happened yesterday...

    ♬ original sound - lizzo

    18. Finally, Liam Payne kept this One Direction TikTok chain going and made a lot of fans very happy:


    #duet with @th0t.for.onedirection Did I get this right? #TikTokChain

    ♬ original sound - __onedirection2020