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    Chase Stokes And Madelyn Cline Proved They're The Cutest Couple Ever, And 15 More Things Celebs Did On TikTok This Week

    "Wait for it...😎"

    1. Jason Derulo finally admitted that he miiiiiiiiight be obsessed with TikTok, but, like, same:

    2. Lizzo got a well-deserved visit from three *very* important guests:

    3. Usher and his sons re-created the cutest throwback pic, and I swear it's the most wholesome thing I've seen this year:


    Daddy’s Boys!! Fatherhood has definitely change me. For the better #DemRaymondBoys #DadsOfTikTok #Dadbad #fyp @naviydraymond @lil_gusher

    ♬ I'm Just a Kid - Simple Plan

    4. Charli D'Amelio came up with a new nickname for herself:

    5. Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline continued to be the most adorable couple in the history of the entire world:

    6. Loren Gray proved she's still the best at seamless TikTok transitions:

    7. Shay Mitchell was busy jammin' all day, every day:


    I don’t get it either. #fyp

    ♬ You - Jazmin Sisters

    8. The Merrell Twins danced to only the most *iconic* song from SpongeBob SquarePants:


    No girl ever wants to dance with a fool who went and... @vanessamerrell dc: @tosha__ptp

    ♬ original sound - walkinator

    9. Dixie D'Amelio gave us a sneak peek at her new song, "Be Happy" (it just came out today!!!):

    10. Kevin McHale documented the *exact* moment he realized his Glee character actually sucked:


    Prepping for the next glee recap podcast and...TF?! Artie out here wilin’! #glee

    ♬ original sound - mrkevinmchale

    11. Nicole Scherzinger spiced up her TikTok with a surprise visit from her boyfriend Thom Evans:

    12. Avani Gregg proved that she can still nail a TikTok dance even if she's exhausted:


    😗😴🧹(dc: @kvng.ryyy )

    ♬ Kolors - Monte Booker & Smino

    13. Lil Yachty surprised us with some suuuuuuuper-chill(y) sneakers:

    14. Kourtney Kardashian and Addison Rae had some luxurious bonding time together:

    15. David Dobrik and Chris Rock watched Madagascar together, and so many worlds collided:


    This makes me so happy @chrisrock2020

    ♬ original sound - daviddobrik

    16. And finally, Snoop Dogg found a loophole in TikTok's community guidelines, and tbh, I'm impressed: