19 Celebrity TikToks You Probably Missed This Week

    "2020 feels like a reality TV show."

    1. James Charles gave JoJo Siwa a makeover:


    I finally let James do a lil thing.... :) @jamescharles

    ♬ Wild Thoughts - DJ Khaled -

    2. And then JoJo gave James a makeover:


    Sister Siwanatorz!!!🎀 @jamescharles

    ♬ A Girl Like You - luc2dd

    3. Hayley Orrantia showed what it's been like to film The Goldbergs during the pandemic:


    We’re back for Season 8! Here’s a look into the #BTS of how we’re filming #TheGoldbergs during this time! Comment what else you want to see! ✨

    ♬ original sound - hayleyorrantia

    4. Lizzo shook her salad:

    5. Hayley Williams nearly laughed her ass off over this rendition of Paramore's song "Fake Happy":


    Sooooo many of you tagged us in this... we had to show Hayley @reitergrace ‘s TikTok 💀😩 #hayleywilliams #paramore #fakehappy #fyp

    ♬ original sound - gooddyeyoung

    6. Shay Mitchell showed her quarantine goals vs. reality:

    7. Howie Mandel got a little creepy crawly:

    8. Leslie Mann and Iris Apatow broke out their best choreo:

    9. Jason Derulo had his spidey senses tingling:


    EXTREME GLUE 💀 @mrmovi3 @realestmannyfresh @dbmtwins

    ♬ original sound - jasonderulo

    10. Lilly Singh created her own 2020-themed reality dating show:


    2020 feels like a reality tv show. Welcome to Quarantine Island 🏝 #CoupledUp

    ♬ original sound - lilly

    11. David Henrie showed us exactly what happens when you give a toddler an egg:

    12. Gilbert Gottfried did his best Willy Wonka impression:


    you’re all thinking about the willy wonka vid rn don’t be afraid to admit it 😏 #willy #fyp #fy #foryou #foryoupage #fypage #dance #viral #DateNight#s

    ♬ original sound - velogrande

    13. Will Smith stayed safe inside his bubble:


    All y’all in the @nba bubble... stay safe! Make sure you clean your balls. Ah damn, that didn’t come out right. 📹: @iamjesserichards

    ♬ original sound - willsmith

    14. Charli D'Amelio and Addison Rae danced their hearts out:


    @addisonre dc @itsray.2 @kamilabattilana

    ♬ WAP MASHUP - lorddroman

    15. Josh Sussman from Glee shared his favorite Naya Rivera story, and spoiler alert: it includes Ryan Gosling.


    Reply to @chantellewilliamsx one of my favorite Naya stories. #glee #goldenglobes #ryangosling #nayarivera #olaf

    ♬ original sound - mrjoshsussman

    16. Bretman Rock did the "WAP" dance and added his own little twist:


    Now stop asking me to do the WAP Dance 😩 this took so many tries my nuts hurt

    ♬ WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) - Cardi B

    17. Doja Cat did her best TikTok dancing without any music:

    18. Millie Bobby Brown spilled some piping hot tea on Karen:

    19. And finally, Alicia Keys gave us nine seconds of good vibes:


    9 seconds of good vibes for your timeline  🍃🍃🍃🌿🌿🌿 #SoDone #FYP

    ♬ So Done - Alicia Keys