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    19 Celebrity TikToks From This Week That You Definitely Missed

    Shawn Mendes is ~officially~ a TikToker, friends.

    1. Arnold Schwarzenegger brought his pet pony to work:

    2. David Dobrik bought some light sabers and had a battle that was pretty much out of this galaxy:

    3. James Charles totally decked out his house for Christmas:

    4. And so did Jessica Alba:

    5. Jordan Fisher made this very adorable Dear Evan Hansen announcement:

    6. Dascha Polanco, Stephanie Beatriz, and Daphne Rubin-Vega got very excited for In The Heights:

    7. Jake Paul realized his dog was actually really good at TikTok:

    8. Shawn Mendes ~officially~ became a TikToker:

    9. Ciara twerked it out for us:

    10. The Chainsmokers channeled their inner Top Chef and made a *thicc* chili:

    11. Jason Nash woke up his pal David Dobrik with an actual marching band:

    12. Will Smith had a little extra fun at the Spies in Disguise premiere:

    13. Dave Coulier reunited with everyone's favorite woodchuck:

    14. Emma Chamberlain and her friend did a funky dance while wearing matching outfits:

    15. Trisha Paytas took her love for Beetlejuice The Musical to a whole new level:

    16. Bebe Rexha swaddled her very cute pup:

    17. Howie Mandel attempted this extra magical ~illusion~:

    18. Joe Jonas did a lil' jig on the baseball field:

    19. And finally, The Rock dedicated a sweet video to his bestie, Kevin Hart.