31 Celebrities Whose Fashion Taste Has Changed Drastically Since 2004

    Nothing says "2004" like a pair of pointy-toed pumps and low-rise jeans.

    1. Here's Jennifer Lopez's style in 2004:

    Jennifer Lopez wears her hair in pigtails with a beret on top. Her shirt is asymmetrical and she wears a sequined shrug over it. She's also wearing strappy heels and cargo capri pants.

    And here's Jennifer Lopez's style now:

    J.Lo wears a sparkly long-sleeved top that shows major cleavage and a white pair of wide-leg pants. Her hair is blown out.

    2. Here's Ben Affleck's style in 2004:

    Ben at a movie premiere wearing a blue button-down untucked and khaki pants.

    And here's Ben Affleck's style now:

    3. Here's Leonardo DiCaprio's style in 2004:

    Leo is wearing a backwards baseball hat, an oversized brown button-down that is untucked, a pair of baggy light wash jeans, and Nike sneakers.

    And here's Leonardo DiCaprio's style now:

    Leo wears a beige bomber jacket with a black t-shirt underneath. He's also wearing black straight cut jeans and pure white sneakers.

    4. Here's Anne Hathaway's style in 2004:

    Anne wears a tight, orange, ankle length, silk dress with flowers printed on it and pointy toed heels.

    And here's Anne Hathaway's style now:

    Anne wears a patterned long sleeve dress with booties and a belt at her waist.

    5. Here's Reese Witherspoon's style in 2004:

    Reese wears a buttoned jacket, wide leg jeans, and holds a giant red purse.

    And here's Reese Witherspoon's style now:

    Reese wears a patterned sweater underneath a cargo jacket. She's also wearing a face mask, sneakers, sunglasses, straight leg jeans, and holding a giant woven basket purse.

    6. Here's Jennifer Aniston's style in 2004:

    Jennifer wears wide leg white pants, and a black blazer with a matching t-shirt underneath. She has on big sunglasses and pointy heels.

    And here's Jennifer Aniston's style now:

    Jen wears a very busy patterned high-low v-neck dress and strappy heels.

    7. Here's Kerry Washington's style in 2004:

    Kerry wears a yellow short-sleeved jacket with a ribbon tied at the waist with dark wash jeans and sandals.

    And here's Kerry Washington's style now:

    Kerry wears a white, beige, and grey printed sweater with jeans and snow boots. She also wears her hair in long braids.

    8. Here's Kelly Clarkson's style in 2004:

    Kelly wears a bright pink sleeveless shirt with Marilyn Monroe's face on it. She also wears black slacks, with converse sneakers.

    And here's Kelly Clarkson's style now:

    Kelly wears an ankle length floral patterned dress with a belt around her waist and fringe-covered booties.

    9. Here's Sophia Bush's style in 2004:

    Sophia wears a light blue sweater with a giant alligator printed on the front. She also layers two different colored shirts underneath and wears black jeans and slip on printed sneakers.

    And here's Sophia Bush's style now:

    Sophia wears a pink plaid pantsuit with a gold chain necklace and bright pink boots.

    10. Here's Ashley Tisdale's style in 2004:

    Ashley wears a printed tank top layered on top of a long sleeved shirt. She has a feather boa, slippers with poodles on them, and a sleep mask on her head.he also wears jeans with pink ribbons coming from the side and a belt in the shape of a heart.

    And here's Ashley Tisdale's style now:

    11. Here's Paris Hilton's style in 2004:

    And here's Paris Hilton's style now:

    Paris wears a simple white dress with puffy short sleeves, sunglasses, and jeweled heels.

    12. Here's Lindsay Lohan's style in 2004:

    Lindsay wears a sheer top with dragonflies on it and a cropped tank top underneath. she also wears a denim shirt with a thick belt, lots of bracelets, and kitten heels.

    And here's Lindsay Lohan's style now:

    Lindsay wears a knee length dress with feathers and flowers on it. She has her hair pulled back in a headband with stars on it and she also has three stars on each of her shoes.

    13. Here's Scarlett Johansson's style in 2004:

    Scarlett wears a pink off the shoulder t-shirt with a striped tank top underneath. She also wears bootcut jeans and pointy-toed heels with giant circles on them.

    And here's Scarlett Johansson's style now:

    Scarlett wears a tea-length dress with polka dots and giant polka dot gems on top.

    14. Here's Queen Latifah's style in 2004:

    Queen wears a sheer tie-dye top over a tanktop and matching jeans with studs on the front. She also wears hoop earrings, lots of bracelets, and a triangular purse.

    And here's Queen Latifah now:

    15. Here's Raven-Symoné's style in 2004:

    Raven wears a trucker hat that matches the color of her striped corset top with sheer sleeves. She also wears jeans that are tucked into her knee length high heeled boots.

    And here's Raven-Symoné's style now:

    16. Here's Jennifer Garner's style in 2004:

    Jennifer wears a shimmery camisole with jeans, hoop earrings, and sandals.

    17. And here's Jennifer Garner's style now:

    Jennifer wears a striped mock turtleneck sweater with jeans and sneakers.

    18. Here's Beyoncé in 2004:

    Beyoncé wears a beige suede dress with sandals and her hair in a side, low ponytail

    And here's Beyoncé now:

    Beyoncé wears a black strapless mini dress with a giant sparkly jacket on top of it and holds a tiny purse. She also wears black pumps and a shiny bedazzled choker necklace.

    19. Here's Gwen Stefani in 2004:

    Gwen wears a tiny patterned halter and off the shoulder crop top. She also wears high waisted, wide leg pants that are bright colored and have buttons all along the the waist and pockets. She's holding a fuzzy jacket and a clutch with a striped bow on it.

    And here's Gwen Stefani now:

    Gwen wears a one shoulder two toned top with tiny shoelace-like bows all over. She also wears bell bottom pants.

    20. Here are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in 2004:

    And here are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen now:

    Mary-Kate and Ashley both wear billowy, long, dark colored dresses with sandals. Mary-Kate holds a bright colored snakeskin clutch while Ashley holds a black one.

    21. Here's Jamie Foxx's style in 2004:

    Jamie wears a short-sleeved button down shirt with giant wide leg pants and a fedora.

    And here's Jamie Foxx's style now:

    Jamie wears a multicolored Louis Vuitton bomber jacket  with a t-shirt and jeans.

    22. Here's Kanye West's style in 2004:

    Kanye wears an argyle v-neck sweater with a collared shirt underneath it. He wears baggy dress pants and matching boots.

    And here's Kanye West's style now:

    Kanye wears a graphic tee underneath a corduroy jacket and matching corduroy pants.

    23. Here's Hilary Duff's style in 2004:

    Hilary wears a tank top with bra straps falling loose on her shoulders, and a pair of shorts. She accessorizes with several chain necklaces and a jeweled clutch.

    And here's Hilary Duff's style now:

    Hilary wears a patterned button-down shirt with jeans tucked into knee high boots.

    24. Here's Brenda Song's style in 2004:

    Brenda wears a billowy strapless top with a floral print and distressed low-rise jeans.

    And here's Brenda Song's style now:

    Brenda wears a ruffled patterned top and high waisted, pleated leather pants.

    25. Here's Usher's style in 2004:

    Usher wears a long patchwork jacket with leather sleeves and baggy jeans.

    And here's Usher's style now:

    Usher wears a leather jacket with no shirt underneath, leather pants, boots, and sunglasses.

    26. Here's Shakira in 2004:

    Shakira wears a halter top with jeans and a big jewelled and embellished belt hanging off of her right hip.

    And here's Shakira now:

    Shakira wears a graphic tee, skinny jeans with holes at the knees, and pointy toed boots.

    27. Here's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's style in 2004:

    Dwayne wears a t-shirt, a blazer, jeans, and sunglasses.

    And here's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's style now:

    Dwayne wears a monochromatic outfit with a sweater vest, button-down shirt, and dress pants.

    28. Here's Tyra Banks's style in 2004:

    Tyra wears a long patterned halter gown with ruffles at the bottom and a flower in her hair.

    And here's Tyra Banks's style now:

    Tyra wears a beanie and oversized sweatshirt with leggings and high heeled boots.

    29. Here's Jennifer Hudson's style in 2004:

    Jennifer wears a t-shirt underneath a denim jacket and khaki capri pants with strappy heels.

    And here's Jennifer Hudson's style now:

    Jennifer wears a multi-colored, mini-dress that's made of mesh on top and feathered on the bottom with a bow around the neck. She also wears fishnet ankle boots.

    30. Here's Alicia Keys' style in 2004:

    Alicia wears a snakeskin trench coat with a colored button-down underneath and jeans.

    And here's Alicia Keys' style now:

    Alicia wears a large, furry coat with a plaid patterned blazer underneath and a crop top. She wears straight leg jeans and her hair in a high braid.

    31. Here's Nicolas Cage's style in 2004:

    Nicolas Cage wears a leather trenchoat, leather pants, a t-shirt, pointy toed boots, a bunch of thick rings on his fingers and a cowboy hat.

    And finally, here's Nicolas Cage's style now:

    Nic wears a monochromatic outfit with a leather jacket, t-shirt, straight leg jeans, and red sunglasses.