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42 Unretouched Photos Celebrities Posted Of Themselves That Are So Refreshing To See

"This summer is about letting the love in. Trying to be healthy and strong for myself and my family."

1. When Ariana Grande posted this no-makeup selfie before getting ready for the day:

2. When Salma Hayek shared this no-makeup selfie and praised her "white hair of wisdom":

3. When Keke Palmer shared — and continued to update us on — her experience with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and how it affects her skin:

4. When Lili Reinhart joked about her very real struggle with cystic acne:

Lili Reinhart

5. When Selena Gomez filmed this TikTok and said she won't suck in her stomach:

6. When Chrissy Teigen wished herself a happy Valentine's Day by sharing a photo of her scars from her endometriosis surgery and breast-implant removal surgery:

Chrissy Teigen's scars

7. When Dua Lipa shared this selfie of her "unhappy skin":

Dua Lipa

8. When Ashley Graham posted this selfie admiring her pregnancy stretch marks:

9. When Gabrielle Union turned to her front-facing camera to show off her "freckles galore":

Gabrielle Union

10. When Bebe Rexha shared this beach photo of herself without Photoshop:

11. When Rachel Bloom shared this candid selfie immediately after her breast reduction surgery:

12. When Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz got together for a sunny selfie, and reminded us to ALWAYS wear our SPF:

13. When Zooey Deschanel posted this selfie immediately after rolling out of bed:

14. When Kim Kardashian shared photos of her "psoriasis face" and went on to call the condition "the shits":

Kim Kardashian selfies

15. When Helen Mirren gave us this fresh-faced selfie "literally first thing in the morning":

16. When Sarah Hyland shared her "painful" truth as a person living with a chronic kidney condition:

Sarah Hyland

17. When Katy Perry posted this selfie right after she gave birth to her daughter, Daisy:

Katy Perry

18. When Amy Schumer shared that she's all about "letting the love in" this summer:

19. When Olivia Munn said she wasn't going to let her cellulite stop her from posting a pic after commenters pointed it out:

20. When Lizzo shared these booty pics that never needed Facetune to begin with:

21. When Hilary Duff proudly embraced her dimpled skin and told all the body-shamers to "kiss [her] ass":

22. When Rihanna shared this pic with visibly unshaven leg hair and her fans celebrated it in the comments:

23. When Aja Naomi King celebrated her postpartum body in an "after" photo shoot taken days after giving birth to her newborn son, Kian:

24. When Mindy Kaling shared this selfie celebrating the power of zit cream:

25. When Zendaya posted this side-by-side of her actual body compared with a retouched one:

26. When Demi Lovato shared these photos and said that she loves herself wholeheartedly despite her "imperfections":

Demi Lovato

27. When former Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez said that every mom bod is perfect in its own way and had zero patience for anyone who thought otherwise:

28. When Barbie Ferreira posted this photo of her "lil stripes" and celebrated just how cute her body is because of them:

29. When Lucy Hale smiled for the camera with her "zit cream on fleek":

Lucy Hale

30. When beauty influencer Kandee Johnson talked about how beautiful her "thighlights" are:

31. When Priyanka Chopra shared this photo to let the world know that not even she actually has perfectly smooth armpits:

32. When Jameela Jamil shared this pic of her boob stretch marks and called them her "badge of honor":

33. When model Denise Bidot gave us this 2022 motto "stretch marks, cellulite, rolls, who cares?":

34. When Danielle Brooks joked that she "didn’t get thick off eating lettuce":

35. When Lady Gaga shared this selfie and let her stretch marks take center stage:

36. When Ruby Rose showed us that even famous people break out, too:

Ruby Rose

37. When Halsey shared this snap of their postpartum stretch marks:

Halsey's stretch marks

38. When Stacey Solomon flaunted her "natural glitter":

39. When Padma Lakshmi posted this thirst trap letting her "stretch" take the lead:

Padma Lakshmi

40. When Robyn Lawley shared this pic of her "tiger stripes":

41. When Kelly Rowland let Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" lyrics speak for her un-retouched photo:

42. And finally, when Kourtney Kardashian sported her "little stripes" for this Poosh photoshoot: