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Here Are 21 Times Celebrities Have Shared Totally Real, Unfiltered, And Unretouched Photos Of Themselves Online

"Show your stretch marks...they are beautiful, they are like designer tiger claw pattern skin highlights, etched into your skin like the most designer of tattoos!"

1. When Zendaya posted this side-by-side of her actual body compared to a retouched one:

2. When Jameela Jamil shared this pic of her boob stretch marks and called them her "badge of honor":

3. When beauty influencer Kandee Johnson talked about how beautiful her stretch marks or "thighlights" are:

4. When Sarah Hyland decided not to wear Spanx to the Teen Choice Awards and let her "KUPA" show:

5. Also, when Sarah Hyland shared her "painful" truth, as a person with a chronic kidney condition, in the form of a selfie:

6. When model Iskra Lawrence celebrated her cellulite and rightfully reclaimed it as "celluLIT":

7. When Hilary Duff proudly embraced her dimpled skin and told all the body shamers to "kiss her ass":

8. When Ashley Graham shared that she's not ashamed of "a few lumps, bumps, or cellulite":

9. Also, when Ashley Graham posted this pic of her postpartum body after giving birth to her son, captioned with "same me. few new stories.":

10. When Barbie Ferreira posted this photo of her "lil stripes" and noticed just how cute her body is because of them:

11. When Rihanna shared this pic with visibly unshaven leg hair and her fans celebrated it in the comments:

12. When former Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez said that every mom bod is perfect in its own way and had zero patience for anyone who thought otherwise:

13. When Danielle Brooks shared this poolside photo where she gave "P•H•A•T" a whole new meaning, "(Pretty, Hot, And Tempting)":

14. When Demi Lovato shared these photos and said that she loves herself wholeheartedly despite her "imperfections":

15. When Priyanka Chopra shared this photo to let the world know that not even she actually has perfectly smooth armpits:

16. When Chrissy Teigen embraced her new mom bod:

17. When Rachel Bloom was brutally honest about how her busy filming schedule caused her hormones to run amok:

18. When Halsey shared a photo with visible armpit hair and didn't have the patience for any internet trolls:

It’s an armpit you’ve put a sticker over. Not sure what else there is here to explain?

19. When Katy Perry posted this VMA selfie right after she gave birth to her daughter Daisy:

20. When Ruby Rose showed that even famous people break out too:

21. And finally, when Lizzo self-appointed herself as our "roll model":

In conclusion, every single body is beautiful and worthy, and that's that on that.