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    21 Celebrity TikToks You Probably Missed This Week

    "As if I haven't been flipped-turned upside down."

    1. The Jonas Brothers put their own fun little spin on Taylor Swift's "Lover":

    2. Will Smith truly got "flipped turned upside down":

    3. David Dobrik gave us this behind-the-scenes look into how long it takes him to create his *chef's kiss* quality content:

    4. Howie Mandel gave this poor guy a very unexpected avocado toast facial:

    5. Charlie Puth adopted the cutest little pupper:

    6. DJ Khaled told us the new nickname he has for his blinged-out pinky:

    7. Bebe Rexha showed the real concerts actually happen backstage:

    8. Liza Koshy got a little NSFW with this inflatable polar bear decoration:

    9. Heidi Montag got suuuuuuuper into Black Friday:

    10. Dance Moms' Kendall Vertes got her mom, Jill, to do this TikTok dance challenge with her:

    11. And Emma Chamberlain attempted to do it by herself after her friends said no:

    12. Dascha Polanco showed us her brand spankin' new eyebrow transformation:

    13. Jordan Fisher got himself into the Christmas spirit:

    14. James Charles played us the most iconic tune to probably ever exist:

    15. Patrick Starr made this cute, fun, and festive™ transformation:

    16. Dillon Francis — quite literally — got ready for liftoff:

    17. Vinny Guadagnino laid down some cold hard truth about Daylight Savings:

    18. Bella Thorne nailed her audition for the role of a lifetime — an Instagram model:

    19. Iris Apatow called in reinforcements — her famous family — for this cute roll call:

    20. Pentatonix's Scott Hoying channeled his inner Forky on the Sesame Street set:

    21. And finally, Dave Coulier documented this monumental, end-of-an-era moment:

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