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    19 Celebrity TikToks From This Past Week That Are 100% Good And 200% Incredible

    "Am I TikToking?"

    1. Nick Jonas showed the world his new (and very necessary) teeth check procedure:

    2. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino informed us that he is, in fact, filing his taxes this year:

    3. Sterling K. Brown joined TikTok:

    4. And so did Charli XCX:

    5. Then, Tyra Banks joined the club:

    6. Alicia Keys collabed with Liza Koshy on this dance meme:

    7. Tana Mongeau showed off her private plane ride, courtesy of her latest alimony check:

    8. Emma Chamberlain performed a nearly flawless dance, followed by a tiny tumble:

    9. Jordan Fisher gave us a sneak peek of his first night in Dear Evan Hansen:

    10. Jessica Alba did a little synchronized dance number on the set of LA's Finest:

    11. Liza Koshy did this man dirty with a high-five fake out:

    12. David Dobrik took over Howie Mandel's account, and you could literally feel the awkwardness:

    13. Spencer Pratt got realllllllllllllly excited for the burrito he was about to eat:

    14. Iris and Judd Apatow put their lip-syncing skills to the absolute test:

    15. JoJo Siwa proved that she 100% rules the world:

    16. Lewis Capaldi documented the most heartbreaking love story of all time:

    17. Noah Schnapp had some fun lil' banter with his sleep paralysis demon:

    18. Jennifer Lopez had a mini jam sesh in her car:

    19. Finally, Derek Hough called in reinforcements — Charli and Dixie D'Amelio — to help him make a proper TikTok dance vid: