17 Celebrity TikToks That You Absolutely Should've Seen This Week, But Probably Missed

    Turns out Charlie Puth never said he was ~hungies~.

    1. Justin Bieber officially joined TikTok and promoted his new single "Yummy":

    2. Terry Crews proved he's the purest of them all with this New Year's Eve message from Shanghai:

    3. Bebe Rexha hilariously summed up exactly what it feels like to have your crush respond to your DMs:

    4. David Dobrik found out once and for all that Charlie Puth NEVER gets ~hungies~:

    5. Howie Mandel continued to bother this poor guy while attempting to get his "Cha-Cha Slide" on:

    6. Heidi Montag did the "My Oh My" challenge and gave it a festive twist:

    7. Steve Harvey showed us why hiring a trainer will probably not be one of his 2020 resolutions:


    Trainers going so hard, it’s like they don’t want you back for day 2. #fitnesstips #newyearsresolution #chill

    ♬ I can't - calebcity

    8. Alicia Keys rounded up her whole family into doing this undeniably adorable vid:

    9. Dascha Polanco took a trip to the dentist and looked better than anyone else ever wearing a lead apron:

    10. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino gave us an intense pep talk that we'll be thinking about for the rest of 2020:

    11. Liza Koshy showed off some of her DJ skills:


    when you and your friend conspire to leave the party early after one last song

    ♬ original sound - lizzza

    12. Bobby Berk showed us that his Fab Five pal Karamo's literally always got him covered:

    13. Dillon Francis gave us this ~heartwarming~ morning message:

    14. Brooke and Paige Hyland, Nia Sioux, and Kendall Vertes from Dance Moms reenacted one of the many iconic fights from the show:


    Get your finger out of my face #fyp #foryoupage @kendallvertes @niasioux @paigehyland_3

    ♬ I MADE A REALLY POPULAR SOUND follow me aha - williamhaskett

    15. Noah Schnapp called out all those rude texters in the world:

    16. Dwyane Wade was in full-on dad-mode while he teased his kids for learning yet another TikTok dance:


    After about.....a 100000 tries......

    ♬ Lottery - K Camp

    17. And finally, Patrick Starr did this terrifyingly accurate Cats-themed cosplay: