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    17 Celebrity TikToks That You Definitely Missed This Week

    I will not👏🏻stop👏🏻scrolling👏🏻.

    1. First, the Jonas Brothers recreated this very *iconic* Camp Rock moment:

    2. David Dobrik introduced Kourtney Kardashian and her son Mason to TikTok:

    3. Howie Mandel decided he's quitting TikTok to participate in some ~more important~ endeavors:

    4. Lizzo showed off her brand-new Ivy Park lewk:

    5. Kylie Jenner gave us a sneak peak of her new Stormi-inspired makeup collection:

    6. Emma Chamberlain was straight up vibing:

    7. Jordan Fisher gave us a mini concert from his bathroom at 1 a.m.:

    8. Sam Smith took a *very* wild ride:

    9. A shirtless Derek Hough played a Billie Eilish cover on the piano:

    10. Bebe Rexha got all too real about what it's really like to be in a long-term relationship:

    11. Gordon Ramsay channeled his inner Brad Pitt:

    12. Ashley Tisdale finally gave in and learned the Renegade:

    13. Christina Aguilera had an empowering message for all the "fighters" out there:

    14. Skai Jackson showed us an impressive five-minute makeup routine:

    15. Noah Schnapp showed us exactly how stressful it is to make a decision when you're wildly indecisive:

    16. Charlie Puth was in desperate need of song title ideas:

    17. And finally, Meghan Trainor had a mom-cuddle with her furry babies: