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    Camila Mendes Was Told She Wasn't Glossy Enough For Her "Riverdale" Audition, And I'm Sorry, What?

    "My friend did my makeup and she made me look glowy — like I just came out of the womb."

    Earlier this week, Camila Mendes — aka ~queen bee~ Veronica Lodge — went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and talked about acting school, NYC, and all things Riverdale.

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    But there was one thing in particular that I just can't stop thinking about, and that's Camila's Riverdale audition.

    First, she told Stephen about how she remembered showing up 30 minutes late, her hair was frizzy, and it was raining outside.

    But what really shook me to my core was what she said next:

    I... uh... glossy...????


    And Stephen was just as confused as I was.

    But luckily, Camila took the weekend to glow up, and come back to her audition shinier than ever before.

    Like, she was really, really glowing.

    And honestly, thank GOD she did because I truly cannot imagine a better — or glossier — Veronica Lodge.

    Watch the full interview here!