15 Outfits That Just Show How Caleb McLaughlin's Elite Sense Of Style Is Unmatched

    From now on I am only accepting fashion advice from Caleb!

    1. First, when he looked like a literal model on the cover of Flaunt magazine:

    2. When he wore a striped button down but said ✨add a little bit of spice✨:

    Caleb wearing a striped button down shirt with painted prints of art.

    3. When he proved that tie-dye is always a good idea:

    Caleb is smiling while wearing a multi-colored sweatshirt and distressed jeans.

    4. When he managed to look super casual but also super fancy at the same time:

    Caleb is smiling at a premiere wearing a multicolored jacket and printed pants.

    5. When he wore this snazzy suit that made us feel anything but blue:

    Caleb is holding his arms out on a red carpet to show off his monochromatic suit.

    6. When he convinced us that a turtleneck + blazer = an always perfect combo:

    Caleb is wearing a printed suit with a turtleneck underneath.

    7. When he showed off his primary colors and looked so effortlessly cool:

    8. When he proved that you actually can match blue, orange, and yellow and look good:

    9. When he had this monochromatic moment:

    Caleb is smiling at a premiere wearing another monochromatic outfit with multicolored sneakers.

    10. When he wore this purple floral tuxedo jacket and was undoubtedly the best dressed person in the room:

    Caleb is wearing a floral printed tuxedo jacket at an awards show.

    11. When he showed us that he's one of the very few people who can actually pull off double denim:

    Caleb is walking into a building wearing a denim jacket with multicolored patches and matching denim jeans.

    12. When he wore shorts to a premiere and was basically the definition of ~cool guy~:

    Caleb is at a premiere wearing a zip-up hoodie, t-shirt, and cargo shorts.

    13. When he had the audacity to look like an actual god dressed all in white:

    Caleb is wearing a head-to-toe monochromatic white suit at the Emmys.

    14. When he wore this combo that literally said "splattered paint — but make it fashion":

    Caleb is wearing a matching jacket and pants combo with a print that mimics splattered paint.

    15. And finally, when he wore this outfit that just screamed ~your cool grandpa's closet~ vibes:

    Caleb is wearing a '70s-inspired printed suit with a collared shirt and turtleneck underneath.

    If you're just as obsessed with Caleb as we are, be sure to check out his new Netflix movie Concrete Cowboy, streaming now!