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    The World Has Finally Realized That Bill Hader Is Hot, And Honestly, I'm Here For It

    Bill Hader? More like "Babe Hader."

    Hollywood's got a new heartthrob and his name is Bill Hader.

    Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

    I mean, seriously, look at this hunk of a man.

    Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

    Now, you might be thinking, "Okay... I can kind of see it, I guess?"


    But I'm here to tell you that Bill Hader isn't just "kind of" hot, he IS actually very hot.

    Practically sizzling.


    Just look at how James McAvoy clearly adores Bill.

    Roadshow Films / Via

    Me too, James.

    And now thanks to It Chapter 2, the rest of the world FINALLY sees his hotness too!

    Warner Bros.

    it really took a movie about a clown to make people realize that bill hader is hot....

    Everyone wake up so I can thirst tweet about Bill Hader in front of you,he’s so unassumingly hot and charming and funny, probably has a huge ego but he has earned it, zoo wee mama

    Bill Hader IS hot y’all are just used to lusting over skinny white boys who look like they need to be fed soup

    "bill hader is kinda hot" just say he's hot I DARE YOU

    In conclusion, Bill Hader = "Babe" Hader.


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