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    No Offense, But Bill Hader Dancing Just Might Actually Be The Funniest Meme Of 2019

    Bill Hader dancing > literally everything else!!!

    There's a new meme on Twitter and basically, it's a video of Bill Hader dancing on SNL, but underscored by any song you could possibly think of.

    Believe it or not, the dancing clip originally comes from an SNL skit called "Alan" that was actually cut from the live show in 2015.

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    There are the classics like "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac:

    Underrated '80s bops like "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go," by Wham!:

    There's a little Lizzo thrown into the mix, of course:

    And even some songs inspired by spooky season:

    The creator of the account @billhaderdancin, Samantha Henson, revealed that she was inspired after she tweeted the video on her personal account and it "garnered a lot of unexpected attention."

    One of her friends asked to see the video to a different song, and thus, @billhaderdancin was born!

    She accepts submissions, too, so the music choices are *limitless*.

    Samantha also said that the one thing she hopes people will get from the account is "the idea of spreading positivity and light with funny videos."

    She claimed that the account is "purely for fun and enjoyment," and trust me, I am having loads of fun right now.

    In conclusion, Bill Hader dancing > literally everything else!!!