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    17 "Big Mouth" Behind-The-Scenes Secrets That You Didn't Know But Probably Should

    A lot of the awkward plots are real-life experiences from the writers and their friends.

    1. The characters Nick and Andrew are actually based on Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg's lives.


    They were best friends and grew up together in Westchester County, New York.

    2. In fact, a lot of the show's awkward puberty stories are actually from the writers' and their friends' personal experiences.


    Nick Kroll shared that one of his friends actually got her first period while visiting the Statue of Liberty, just like Jessi. He also said another friend said that he used to have sex with a pillow, just like Jay.

    3. Shows and movies like Freaks and Geeks, The Wonder Years, and Superbad all majorly influenced what Big Mouth would be like.

    NBC / Everett Collection, ©Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Nick said that Big Mouth is based on a lot of older teen shows and movies, but takes place in the present.

    4. Throughout all four seasons of Big Mouth, Nick Kroll has voiced over 18 different characters.


    He voices Nick, Maury the Hormone Monster, Coach Steve, Rick the Hormone Monster, Lola, Nick Starr, Mila and Lotte Janssen, the Statue of Liberty, the ladybug, Joe Walsh, the ghosts of Picasso and Richard Burton, Sylvester Stallone, a webcam girl, Gina's Abuela, Bad Mitten, Rabbi Poblart, and a bunch more.

    5. When co-creators Andrew Goldberg, Jennifer Flackett, and Mark Levin first told Nick Kroll about their idea for a hormone monster, Nick's immediate reaction was to respond in the voice that he now uses to voice Maury the Hormone Monster.


    Nick explained that he thinks Maurice's voice makes him sound sexual, but also chill and like he's "been around the block a little bit."

    6. Nick's voice is the most similar to Nick Kroll's actual voice because he wanted the character to feel as natural as he could be.


    "In a lot of ways, Nick really is me," he said.

    7. Coach Steve is partly based on one of Nick's other characters — Ref Jeff from The Kroll Show.

    Comedy Central, Netflix

    Nick shared that when he first started doing Coach Steve's voice, it was a bit lower, but now there's more of a cheerfulness to it. He said, "He's so dumb that there's quite a bit of joy in how stupid he is. ... He's so stupid that he's happy."

    8. Nick felt that Rick the Hormone Monster's voice had a grossness to it, but it was also a little bit groovy.


    9. When recasting Missy, the creators saw dozens and dozens of potential Missys and even held auditions via Zoom.


    Andrew told THR, "In this case, we cast a very wide net. We went through agents in the traditional way, but we also had people tweeting us and sending us Instagram posts of like, 'listen to me do my Missy.' We had our casting people track those people down and put themselves on tape. We listened to dozens and dozens of Missys. And we brought back six or eight people to work with us over Zoom."

    10. When Ayo Edebiri was cast as Missy, Jenny Slate had already recorded all of Season 4. So, instead of having Ayo redo the entire season, the writers were able to find a moment in Episode 9 where the transition from Jenny to Ayo made the most sense.

    Missy piecing together a puzzle of different versions of herself and realizing she's not just one "type" she can be anything she wants to be.

    11. Mark Rivers, who writes all the songs on Big Mouth, will first record the songs and do all the voices himself, then the actors are slowly added in later on.


    12. Mark revealed that its sometimes very difficult to advance the story within a song — like the Valentine's Day song in Season 2, Episode 1, each character sang from a different point of view and all of those stories had to carry through the rest of the episode.


    The writers will typically give Mark a paragraph description of what kind of song they want, what it should sound like, and any specific plot references they want, and then Mark writes.

    13. The Season 2 song "I Love My Body" was originally meant to feel like an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical theater song, but after listening to it, Jennifer Flackett realized it worked so much better as a disco number.


    She also mentioned that the first draft of the song was just about women's bodies. However, after rewrites, it became more of a song about empowerment and loving your body.

    14. Both Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg felt it'd be more appropriate for Missy and Jessi to be covered up during the "I Love My Body" scene, but Jennifer Flackett and Kelly Galuska argued that since all the male characters on the show had been naked, the females should be too.

    Missy, Jessi, and Connie the Hormone Monster entering a Korean spa where everyone is naked and there is steam floating around.

    Jennifer told Decider, “I think that we felt like with the girls’ vaginas, we had to be more careful," Nick said. "We’ve shown the boys topless, we’ve shown the boys naked. We should be able to show the girls naked and not have it be sexual — like those girls being naked is not inherently a sexual thing. We put that sexuality on them. We sort of had to figure out what we showed, so that we could tell that story and sort of speak to those issues without having it be so distracting that it stepped on all the other things we were trying to do in this particular scene." In the end, they agreed on using strategically placed steam so they wouldn't be fully naked.

    15. The writers arranged Season 2, Episode 5, "The Planned Parenthood Show," like "half after school special and half self-aware SNL spoof" so it wouldn't feel forced, but viewers were still able to learn about the organization.


    The writers and creators are all big advocates for Planned Parenthood too. "We like to think that you could learn a little something,” Jennifer said. “[The lessons are] sort of like vegetables. They’re sort of hidden in a lovely tomato sauce.”

    16. Big Mouth writer Gabe Liedman also worked on Pen15, and he was part of the reason that Pen15-Big Mouth crossover got to happen.


    Andrew told THR, "We had this idea for an episode where Andrew and Nick decide to date younger girls and thought that Maya and Anna would be really funny in those parts. It was really fun collaborating with them, especially because our shows deal with the same time of life. That’s one of my favorite episodes."

    17. And finally, the writers actually have conversations around which inanimate objects are gendered and why tampons, specifically, are male.


    Andrew remembered, "There was a moment where somebody was like, 'The tampons are guys?' And Jen Flackett was like, 'Yes, they’re guys, that’s how I always think of them. ‘Cause they go in, right?'"

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