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Which TV Show Has The Best Series Finale Ever?

I'll never forget Rachel Green getting off the plane.

Lemme be the first to say there's nothing worse than dedicating years of your life to a show and then it has an absolutely DREADFUL series finale.

Kelly from "The Office" says "Number one: how dare you?"

But sometimes your favorite show will end on such a great note that even you couldn't come up with a more perfect ending.

The pilot of Schitt's Creek when the Rose family first sees the sign and the finale episode where they show the brand new sign, now with the Rose family on it.

Like, maybe didn't think you could love The Good Place more...but then you finished the finale and just had to sit for a minute to bask in its greatness.

Chidi explains to Eleanor what'll happens when he passes on.

Or maybe you thought Fleabag had the perfect amount of heartbreak and optimism that it made you want to rewatch the whole series immediately.

Fleabag tells The Priest she loves him and he tells her "It'll pass."

Or perhaps your heart has never been more full than when Jane the Virgin ended with such a full-circle moment.

Jane tells Rafael that at the end of her book they make the story into a telenovela and she winks at the camera.

Whatever it is, we really wanna know! Tell us which TV series absolutely nailed its finale. The best responses will be included in a BuzzFeed Community post.