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Which Male TV Characters Did You Hate At The Beginning Of The Show But Love Now?

You know who I'm talking about.

Let's cut to the chase, we've all started a show and HATED some of the men...

But then after three seasons, a phenomenal redemption arc, and gallons of fresh tears, those men ended up becoming your ultimate faves.

Like, maybe you despised Steve Harrington during Season 1 of Stranger Things, but now, after watching him risk his life for his friends and be an absolute sweetheart, you too would risk your life if that meant Steve would be happy.

Or maybe during the first season of The 100, you couldn't stand watching any scene with Bellamy Blake, but now he's become your all-time favorite TV character.

Heck, maybe you just didn't like Schmidt when you first started watching New Girl because he was kinda annoying, but then you slowly started to enjoy him after realizing that you ARE Schmidt.

Whoever it is, let us know! Which male TV characters did you hate at the beginning of the show but love now, and why? The best responses will end up in a BuzzFeed Community post.