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Here Are 29 Of The Best Celebrity TikToks From 2019

I literally cannot stop watching them.

1. The time Reese Witherspoon made her first TikTok and officially declared herself a "VSCO mom":

2. The time Will Smith got trippy, funny, and punny at the same time:

3. The time Selena Gomez was basically the absolute cutest person on the entire app:

4. The time Mariah Carey 1000000% won the "Fantasy Challenge":

5. The time Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson put "the rock" in "rock sand":

6. The time Howie Mandel had an actual ~brain freeze~:

7. The time a verrrry pregnant Shawn Johnson did a backflip and absolutely nailed it:

8. The time Miley Cyrus officially welcomed Cody Simpson to TikTok with a dance:

9. The time Terry Crews showed us that, wow, he CAN really dance:

10. The time Arnold Schwarzenegger showed the world is seemingly-successful protein shake recipe:

11. The time Jake Thomas and Adam Lamberg had a *chef's kiss* perfect reunion for the Lizzie McGuire reboot:

12. The time Kesha brushed her teeth and sang "TiK ToK" for the sake of TikTok:

13. The time JoJo Siwa clapped back at anyone who's ever trolled her:

14. The time Kevin Jonas proved he was the most underrated JoBro EVER:

15. The time Britney Spears danced it out because she loved her outfit, and like, same:

16. The time Sam Smith showed off their Irish step dancing skills:

17. The time Post Malone danced his heart out to some Shania Twain:

18. The time David Dobrik went to a party and made a new furry friend:

19. The time Meghan Trainor gave her song "Wave" a whole new meaning:

20. The time Bebe Rexha may or may not have stolen some chocolate:

21. The time Paul Butcher threw it back to his Zoey 101 roots:

22. The time that Steve Harvey lowkey almost drowned this guy:

23. The time Alicia Keys served some lewks in her "Time Machine" vid:

24. The time Jessica Alba did a TikTok dance in full costume and makeup:

25. The time Bob Saget and Dave Coulier got a little ~slim shady~ on the set of "Fuller House":

26. The time Bella Thorne nailed the audition of a lifetime — AKA an Instagram model:

27. The time Spencer Pratt fed some hungie hummingbirds:

28. The time Billy Ray Cyrus got real about this Robby Ray Stewart erasure:

29. And finally, the time Jared Leto was a total fangirl for the lead singer of Thirty Seconds to Mars (LOL):