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    Here Are 15 Behind-The-Scenes Moments When Anthony Mackie And Sebastian Stan's Friendship Restored Faith In Humankind

    Stackie 4 ever! <3

    1. The time Anthony hyped up Sebastian like any loyal friend should:

    2. When they both savagely roasted Tom Holland — and keep doing it every chance they get:

    3. When they added a little bit of ✨spice✨ to their D23 panel entrance:

    4. When their chemistry was SO perfect, on screen and off, that they were able to improv this hilarious The Falcon and the Winter Soldier scene:


    5. When they were clearly very, very confused about what the heck was going on during this press interview, but giggled it off together:

    6. When they did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and it was quite literally the definition of ~chaotic good~:

    7. When Sebastian shared the nicknames they have for each other:

    8. When they bonded over their escape room adventure on the red carpet and made their interviewer feel like a total third wheel:

    9. When they shared this freaking adorable bro hug during a Captain America: Civil War panel:

    10. When they had a thumb war and things went exactly as you'd expect:

    11. When Sebastian officially declared he was the needy bestie of the two:

    12. When they brought their undying love for each other to the 'gram:

    13. When Sebastian shared that he does, in fact, own a Falcon cardboard cutout:

    14. When they stopped filming TFATWS to film "a couple of things from a couple of guys" and it made zero sense, but also made SO much sense:

    15. And finally, when Anthony claimed to have slept on Sebastian's couch but Sebastian called it a lie, and they created this iconic couch debate:

    So, what's your favorite Stackie moment? Tell us in the comments!

    And of course, be sure to catch Anthony and Sebastian in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier when new episodes drop Fridays on Disney+.