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    16 TV Shows That Absolutely Nailed Their Endings, And 15 Finales That Were A Total Dumpster Fire

    How I Met Your Mother's finale was the biggest letdown in TV history.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community which TV show finales were absolutely perfect and which ones were a total mess. Here's what they said:

    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. Absolutely nailed it: On Schitt's Creek, when the Rose family go their separate ways, leave their little town, and were changed for the better because of it — even the town's billboard got an upgrade.

    The Rose family hug goodbye, and Johnny and Moira drive away. Johnny stops the car and looks back at the Schitt's Creek sign, which now shows his whole family.

    2. Total mess: On Supernatural, when Castiel sacrificed himself after finally telling Dean he loved him.

    Castiel telling Dean he loves him right before he dies.

    3. Absolutely nailed it: On Fleabag, when Fleabag and The Priest part ways after confessing their love for each other, and she breaks the fourth wall one final time to say goodbye.

    Fleabag tells The Priest she loves him and he responds, "It'll pass." He gets up to leave and finally tells her that he loves her too. She gets up and looks at the camera one last time.

    4. Total mess: On Pretty Little Liars, when it was revealed that Spencer had an evil British twin named Alex who tried to steal her identity and ruin the liars' lives once and for all.

    Spencer meets her twin Alex and she captures Spencer and inprisons her.

    5. Absolutely nailed it: On Wynonna Earp, when Waverly and Nicole get married, Doc and Wynonna ride off into the sunset together to go see their daughter, and everyone gets their well-deserved "happily ever after."

    Waverly and Nicole get married and Wynonna tells Doc that she loves him and he says he loves her, then they get on a motorcycle and drive away.

    6. Total mess: On Game of Thrones, when Jon Snow killed Daenerys, and then Bran becomes King of Westeros after eight seasons of saying he didn't want to be ruler.

    Jon stabs Daenerys and everyone says "all hail Bran the Broken!"

    7. Absolutely nailed it: On Parks and Recreation, when all of the flash-forwards reveal exactly what each character ends up doing, but there was still so much room for interpretation.

    Leslie gets honored with a library in her name and she's not thrilled.

    8. Total mess: On The Undoing, when the plot twist we were waiting for never actually happened, and Jonathan admitted he really did kill Elena Alves.

    Jonathan reveals to his son that he did, in fact, murder Elena Alves and he gets arrested.

    9. Absolutely nailed it: On The Good Place, when Chidi leaves Eleanor with a beautiful, serene, and teary metaphor about death before leaving forever.

    Chidi tells Eleanor about how a wave is only a wave for a little while, but its always water and once the wave crashes it goes back to the ocean, where it's supposed to be. He relates that to the Buddhist conception of death

    10. Total mess: On The Vampire Diaries, when Katherine came back as the queen of hell and tried to destroy all of Mystic Falls but was defeated in an less than an hour, and Stefan sacrificed himself in the process.

    Hell begins to overcome Mystic Falls and Bonnie stops it, then Stefan sacrifices himself in order to kill Katherine, the queen of hell

    11. Absolutely nailed it: On The Office, when the entire cast reunites one year after the documentary finished, and they reflect on just how much Dunder Mifflin changed them for the better.

    12. Total mess: On The 100, Clarke killed Bellamy for basically no reason after six entire seasons of building up their friendship.

    Clarke shoots Bellamy, her closest friend, after he tries to reason with her.

    13. Absolutely nailed it: On Superstore, when the store closes to become a fulfillment center, Amy comes back to (unsuccessfully) save the store, and finally, the entire crew moves on and lives out their happy endings.

    As the store gets ready to close, Garrett gives a message over the intercom thanking customers for shopping and reminding his friends about all the good times they had. Then, we see flashes of where all the characters end up afterwards.

    14. Total mess: On Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, when Sabrina sacrificed herself to save the world, and Nick died by suicide just so he could reunite with her in the afterlife.

    Sabrina dies and Nick is in shock so he decides to die by suicide to be with her in heaven. They meet up and he tells her they'll be together forever

    15. Absolutely nailed it: On Community, when Jeff finally comes to terms with his friends leaving to embark on new exciting adventures, and he realizes he wants to stay at the school he spent years trying to get away from.

    Jeff tells the study group that he's so happy to have met them and they saved his life and changed him. Then he sends off Abed and Annie at the airport and sits down for drinks with Brita, Chang, Frankie, and Dean

    16. Total mess: On How I Met Your Mother, when we finally got to meet the mother after nine seasons, only for her to be killed off so Ted could marry Robin.

    Ted meets his wife and then he finishes the story to his kids. Then, they realize that he's really trying to tell them he's in love with Robin and they give him their blessing

    17. Absolutely nailed it: On Pose, when Pray gives up his own meds and dies so his ex, Ricky, can live, and then Blanca shares Pray's words of wisdom to a new generation who's trying to find their footing in the ballroom scene.

    Blanca sees a bunch of new queens and tells them the same thing Pray told her years ago. She says, "Work harder, reach higher, and dream big until you triumph. It won't happen today, but one day. And when you do, I'ma be right there cheering you on"

    18. Total mess: On Veronica Mars, when Veronica finally married Logan, the love of her life, only for him to get killed in a car explosion a few hours later.

    Veronica and Logan get married then go back home. Logan goes to move the car and it explodes, killing him

    19. Absolutely nailed it: On Friday Night Lights, when Tami and Coach Taylor walk off the field together one last time after finally moving to Philadelphia.

    Tammy asks Eric if he's ready to go and they walk off the field with their arms around each other

    20. Total mess: On Gossip Girl, when Dan revealed he was Gossip Girl, and everyone ended up forgiving him for ruining their lives.

    Blair is annoyed that everyone else isn't upset about Dan being gossip girl, they tell her she's only mad because he had more power than she ever did.

    21. Absolutely nailed it: On Six Feet Under, when we flash-forward to see just how the entire Fisher family lived out their lives and come full circle when they all eventually die.

    Snapshots of the years 2025, 2029, 2044, and 2085 when the members of the Fisher family die.

    22. Total mess: On The Originals, when Klaus decided to sacrifice himself to save his daughter, Hope, and Elijah didn't want to let his brother die alone, so they killed each other.

    Klaus and Elijah thanking each other for their journeys before killing each other.

    23. Absolutely nailed it: On Mad Men, when Don Draper smiles while meditating on a mountaintop, and you originally think it was because he's finally found peace, but then you realize it was because he came up with the concept for a new Coke commercial.

    Don is meditating on a mountain and then he smiles as the "Buy the World a Coke" commercial begins

    24. Total mess: On Lost, when all the characters were assumed to have died and reunited at a church in purgatory.

    The whole group is talking and hugging inside a church. John Locke tells Jack that they've been waiting for him. Jack, back on the island, dies

    25. Absolutely nailed it: On The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when the Banks family moves to the East Coast to remain close, but Will decides to stay in California to finish school...then Carlton realizes everyone left without him.

    Will turns out the lights and then Carlton is afraid everyone left without him and runs out of the house trying to get his pants on

    26. Total mess: On Bones, when the lab explodes and causes Brennan to forget how to do her job, but they still have to solve a case.

    The lab explodes and Brennan talks about remembering all the victims she's identified, and how important the job is, she just can't remember how to do it

    27. Absolutely nailed it: On Scrubs, when J.D. decides to take a new job so he can be closer to his son, and as he leaves, he says his goodbyes to every single person who'd left an impact on him.

    JD says it's never good to live in the past for too long and now the future doesn't seem so scary anymore. Then he watches a montage of all the life-changing moments from the past decade.

    28. Total mess: On The Sopranos, when Tony, Carmela, and AJ were at a diner waiting for Meadow. Then, a mysterious-looking guy walked into the diner, Meadow entered, a bell rang, Tony looked up, and the series just ended.

    The Sopranos are sitting in a diner and then the door opens and a bell rings. Tony looks up and the screen goes black

    29. Absolutely nailed it: On The Americans, when Philip and Elizabeth's cover is finally blown and the FBI is after them, and then they leave their children behind and start a new life in Moscow.

    30. Total mess: On Friends, when Rachel got off the plane and gave up her dream job to be with Ross, and then got some coffee right before everyone was about to go their separate ways.

    Ross surprised that Rachel got off the plane and then the whole group standing in Monica's empty apartment deciding to go get coffee before they all leave

    31. Absolutely nailed it: And finally, on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Jake, Amy, and Captain Holt all move on from the 99th Precinct, and the show ends the only way it possibly could...with one last heist.

    Holt makes a "Title of your sex tape" joke and it's not quite right, but Jake is speechless anyway