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15 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets About The Met Gala That You Probably Never Knew, But Should

Believe it or not, you can get uninvited.

1. Each celebrity in attendance is chosen to wear an on-theme ensemble created by a designer.

2. A ticket to attend the gala starts at $30,000 per person, but some can go as high as $50,000, and entire tables cost between $275,000 and $500,000.

taylor swift on the red carpet

3. And because tickets are so hard to come by, there's even a waitlist.

group photo at the met gala

4. Each year the number of attendees varies, but an "intimate setting" would be around 500 people.

5. Because there's such a vast range of celebrities in attendance, many unlikely friendships and relationships form — including Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, who were confirmed to be dating shortly after their Met Gala dance party.

6. Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is actually very involved with the planning of the event, and nothing happens without her approval.

Anna Wintour talking to Rihanna and her team.

7. The seating chart changes frequently throughout the year, but the most important rule is that spouses are not allowed to sit next to each other.

a seating chart for the gala

8. Back in 2006, The Sex Pistols' John Lydon stormed out twice because he didn't like where he was seated.

John Lydon screaming with his arms waving in the air

9. Once Anna Wintour banned parsley from being served at the event because "you don’t want that stuck in your teeth."

a panorama view of tables at the gala

10. Cellphones are also banned from the party mainly to maintain A-List guests' security and to boost their "enjoyment of the event."

11. In 2018, an age limit was instated and only guests 18 and older could attend.

12. Depending on the amount of jewelry worn by a celebrity, some guests are accompanied by their own bodyguards and security escorts in addition to security on staff already.

Ocean's 8 scene where Anne Hathaway's character has the priceless necklace put on her neck before the Met Ball

13. The attendees are free to move throughout the museum to socialize and get a first-look view of the year's exhibit. Some guests even get their own greenrooms if they have to change looks during the party.

14. There are Department of Health inspectors who attend the event to make sure nobody is secretly smoking inside the museum, and there's a designated smoking area.

This photo is like taken at a college party except for the fancy dresses #metgala

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This started after several celebrities were photographed smoking in the bathroom at the 2017 Met Gala.

15. And finally, Donald Trump and Tim Gunn have both been banned from attending the gala.