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We Wanna Know Which Super Popular 2019 Song You Thought Was Really Overrated

You've got a lot to choose from!

So this year, did you ever listen to a SUPER popular song on the radio and then realize that it reeeaaallllllyyyy wasn't your fave?

Like, you just couldn't understand why people seemed to love it so much?

Like, maybe "Old Town Road" just wasn't your jam, and you couldn't bear to hear it play one more time.

Or maybe you're still not over whatever the heck that "spelling is fun" lyric was in Taylor Swift's "ME!"

Or maybe you just don't *get* Billie Eilish and don't understand the appeal of "bad guy."

Whatever it was, we really wanna know! Tell us which popular 2019 song you actually hate and why, and the best responses will be included in a BuzzFeed Community post!