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    Austin Butler Being Overwhelmed By Puppies While Answering Questions Is, Dare I Say, The Cutest Thing Ever

    The cutest thing I've ever seen!!!

    A few weeks ago, we revealed that Austin Butler would be doing his first official puppy interview, and we asked fans to send in all the questions they had for him.

    Austin holding two small puppies while one licks his face

    And in honor of Elvis debuting in theaters this week, Austin enthusiastically sat down with BuzzFeed to play with the sweetest puppies you'll ever see and answer YOUR questions.

    No joke, it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

    I mean, just look at these faces!!!!!!!

    Austin cuddling one of the puppies, touch their cheeks to each other

    Austin shared what it was like to meet Tom Hanks for the first time.

    Austin saying "He turned out to be the most open-hearted, generous guy"

    He revealed which Elvis prop he took home with him.

    Austin saying he took many things from the Elvis set, including the 1968 leather jumpsuit he wore

    He also told us which celeb bestie would always pick up a FaceTime call.

    Austin saying Ashley Tisdale is the answer, juxtaposed with a photo of Austin and Ashley together in a Radio Disney booth

    He even shared some kind words for fans of Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure.

    Austin saying he feels very grateful people have appreciated his work and that he feels flattered anyone calls themselves a fan of his

    So, if you want to bask in seven minutes of pure joy, I suggest you watch the video here:

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    Be sure to see Elvis, which is in theaters now! And if this inspired you to adopt a pup, all of these puppies are available for adoption through Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County!