Addison Rae Took Our TikTok Slang Quiz, And The Results Were Extreeeeemely Satisfying, To Say The Least

    "What's a simp?"

    So, if you've ever been on TikTok, you probably know Addison Rae — aka the queen of dancing, lip syncing, and fierce facials.

    And because we love her so much, we had Addison Zoom with us to take some of our most popular quizzes. Here's how it all went down:

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    First, she took How Much TikTok Slang Do You Know?

    First question from TikTok slang quiz with a picture of two TikToks next to each other.

    And got a perfect score because, like, duh.

    Then, she took This Aesthetics Quiz Will Reveal Your Age With 99% Accuracy.

    First question from the aesthetics quiz, "Which photo makes you feel happy?"

    And found out that this quiz actually did not guess her age with 99%, yikes.

    Finally, Addison took What's The Color Palette Of Your Personality?

    First question of color palette quiz, "First off, how do you think others perceive you when they first meet you?"

    And she learned that her personality matches the ~Soft Morning Palette~.

    Watch the full video here, and, of course, make sure to follow Addison on TikTok.