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    25 Signs You Grew Up In Glasgow

    Glasgow is the UK's friendliest city, yet the most violent. It has the most unemployed families in the UK, but has the most shops anywhere outside of London. Only in Glasgow, eh?

    1. You had a Lacoste tracksuit...

    Or Kappa, or a football trackie.

    2. You went to school like this every day and thought it was a good look.

    3. You were in a young team.

    4. It wasn't unusual to see your parents drunk.

    5. You drank Irn Bru like water.

    6. New Year Parties lasted for three days.

    7. One sip of this used to get you MWI.

    8. You used to share this...

    9. ...or this, with twelve of your pals.

    10. You dreaded social dancing more than anything at school.

    11. You used to watch this every Friday night.

    12. Your favourite bird is a pigeon.

    13. Its not a housing estate, it's a scheme.

    14. You and your pals went on a road trip to Onthank AKA The Scheme.

    15. This wasn't an uncommon sight in Glasgow.

    16. You had a school bag like this...$T2eC16R,!yEE9s5jFQmyBSG2v!lGiw~~60_3.JPG

    17. And a bag like this for your PE kit.$(KGrHqF,!qsFH3Ip)VQMBSGgbqYNMw~~60_57.JPG

    18. You played kerby.

    19. You went to the Catty or Sub Club unders.

    20. And you went drinking here before hand.

    21. You had empties, not parties.

    22. Your Dad 'knew a guy' who chipped Sky/Cable boxes

    23. This was the best day out ever.

    24. Glasgow might be the unhealthiest, most violent and poorest city in the UK...

    25. But you're still fiercely proud to be a Glaswegian!