Menstration Flatulence

Ladies, let us band together and share in our misery of the hard truth of period farts. Because there IS a difference between regular farts and period farts.

1. Uh-oh, its that time of the month…..

Time for our reproductive system to go into overtime and spew blood and cramp our muscles to the point of just wanting to call in sick and lay in bed all day

For some of us, our time of the month messes with our digestive system as well

Heaven forbid you eat something good for lunch when you have your period

Your ovaries are pissed because they worked so hard to prepare for a baby and you had the audacity to say, ‘no thanks, no baby for me this month!’

Your uterus starts yelling at your stomach, berating it for allowing you to consume something wonderful when you deserve to go hungry

Your stomach gets really upset from all the yelling and produces a lot of gas.

Before you know it, you’re at work and feel a toot coming on

…but this isn’t one you can hold in

No matter how hard you try, its going to rip…

You look for a safe place to let it go…

You may or may not reach that holy place but if you do, you let out the loudest and most ridiculously sounding fart you’ve ever heard.

The gas may or may not be followed by repeated trips to the restroom because your stomach felt the need to suddenly try a new natural colon cleanse

But worry not, this doesn’t just happen to you

We’ve all been there at one time or another…or every month, depending how mean your uterus is

So don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, just know that it goes as quickly as it comes.

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