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    • laureng413b25e11

      I loathe the loss of life. The entire conflict between Palestinians and Israel is a sorry state of affairs. As rockets have rained down on innocent civilians, both Israeli and Palestinian, the region has become a breeding ground for hate. Generations have been taught to hate. I would think that on a random blog on buzzfeed where I usually like to look at stupid dog videos I find instead another outpouring of visceral hate. Anyone posting on this thread I would think is somehow engaged in this debate. I would hope that in an impersonal and removed setting such as online posts instead of mimicking real life and spewing hate, I would prey that instead a dialogue would emerge between individuals holding disparate views on the situation and perhaps find commmon ground which would ultimately stop the rockets and save more lives from being lost. That is my fervent wish. So please instead of spewing hate and reverting to name calling perhaps offer an opinion or belief that could shine some light through which perhaps, Israelis and Palestinians could see the humanity in one another. As naive as that may sound, I will always choose naivete over cynicism.

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