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    The Greatest Mistake Jerry From Parks And Recreation Ever Made... Was Actually On Friends

    Years before he moved to Pawnee Indiana, Jerry/Larry/Terry/Gary was making mistakes on another little tv show...

    At the end of Season 8, our favorite Friends couple decides that they're ready to start a family

    ... But after a year of trying, they get the heartbreaking news that they can't conceive.

    Deciding to adopt, and after months of waiting, they get a call to fly out to Ohio to be interviewed by a potential birth mother.

    And it's there that Jerry/Larry/Terry/Gary introduces them to Erica (Anna Faris), a young woman looking for a nice couple to adopt her baby.

    But he switches their folders and Erica believes that Chandler and Monica are actually another couple... and picks them to be the parents.

    Desperate for a baby... Monica and Chandler go along with it at first.

    But eventually decide to come clean, even though it means they'll probably lose their shot at getting a baby.

    At first Erica is understandably alarmed, but after a beautiful speech by Chandler, he wins her over.

    And at the end of the season, Monica and Chandler become the parents to twins!

    And it's all because of this guy: