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Stop What You're Doing And Listen To These 7 Summer Albums ASAP

Your summer playlist just went from 0-100 real quick.

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Ultralife - Oh Wonder


Released in July, this dynamic duo's album has everything from high-energy pop anthems to tamer tracks perfect for chill summer nights. Did I mentioned they are British? A.K.A. this album just got 10x cooler than it already was.

Chart Topper: Ultralife

Hidden Gem: Heart Strings



Being LANY's debut album, this record has exceeded all expectations for a first full-album release. This is the perfect pick for both party jams and sunset songs, all backed with dreamy synthesizers and mellow vocals.

Chart Topper: ILYSB

Hidden Gem: Hurts

Gone Now - Bleachers


Frontman Jack Antonoff is the mastermind behind some big hits for artists like Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles and Sia, and Bleachers' recent release shows why he is many musical artist's go-to guy. Track by track, personal stories and deep truths are exposed under the guise of catchy choruses and upbeat bangers.

Chart Topper: Don't Take The Money

Hidden Gem: Goodmorning

How Will You Know If You Never Try - COIN


COIN is like boyband meet indie-pop. Who could ask for anything more? Their music screams summer vibes with its always electric guitar leads and dominate drum lines.

Chart Topper: Talk Too Much

Hidden Gem: Heart Eyes

Melodrama - Lorde


Chances are, you've definitely heard some tracks off of Lorde's new album, but it's just ~so~ good that it couldn't be left off the list. This album drips with nostalgia, making us all long for our lost summer love (even though we are single AF).

Chart Topper: Green Light

Hidden Gem: Supercut

Goodpain EP - Yoke Lore


Okay, okay. This isn't technically an album, but it's still worth the listen. This emerging artist is making waves with his new EP. If just a teaser is this good, imagine how insane a full album will be!

Chart Topper: Goodpain

Hidden Gem: Beige

come out. you're hiding - Flor


Any day spent lounging by the pool or driving with the windows down is at peak summer feels when jamming to this album. Featuring many singles released by the band over the past couple of years. Flor will no doubt be your new favorite after pressing play on their debut album.

Chart Topper: heart
Hidden Gem: restless soul

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