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Which Facebook Stereotype Are You?

We're all guilty of one of them. Find yourself, find your friends.

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1. The over-sharer / Via

You have no problem with airing your dirty laundry on Facebook. Mailman pissed you off? Facebook it. Argument with a co-worker? Facebook it. People will go C R A Z Y talking behind your back about how you over-share, but refuse to comment on your posts to let you know, or simply delete you because, in actuality, they love the drama just as much as you do.

2. The Lurker


You are just on this site to be nosy, and that’s okay. A lot of people don’t even realize that you’re even on Facebook, because you never appear on their feed. You probably even 'appear offline' a lot, because you're just so damn elusive. Coincidentally, you know exactly what’s going on with everyone around you, because you're an observer. Watching. Waiting.

3. The Proud Parent


Do you feel the need to let all of your friends and co-workers know when your child has its first solid bowel movement? Uploading 45 consecutive pictures of your child in the same outfit, with the same facial expression, with the same background? Yeah, you’re the proud parent. You might have set your employment status to: Full-time mammy, or your middle name as 'proud mammy'(or daddy, no sexism here). People probably say you’re annoying, but they’ll continue to like and comment on your stuff so, who’s the real loser?

4. The Sports Nut


Anyone without an interest in football has probably hidden you from their timeline a LONG time ago. You love nothing more than to share your teams post-match analysis, and genuinely believe that you could do a better job than the manager. And you tell people so. Constantly.

As long as you've got the right type of Facebook Friends, you’re a great conversation starter. If you don’t, well, people’s eyes glaze over when seeing your posts.

5. The Cryptic

Will cannot DEAL with your mysterious statuses / Via

Constantly posting cryptic statuses, leaving your entire feed commenting ‘?’ or ‘expand on this!’? You’re a cryptic. You drive people insane, and people WILL be calling you an attention seeker behind your back (maybe to your face, depending on how brazen your friends are). You have them eating out of the palm of your hand. Don’t get drunk with power.

6. The Philosopher / Via

You just can’t resist sharing the super-smart sounding article you just found on the ins and outs of (x-issue), with a four-paragraph caption of your opinion on the matter. People try to comment, offering their view, and you paragraph them to death until they feel like they’re stupid and fighting a losing battle. You probably end these paragraphs with a rhetorical question. Do you know what I mean?

7. The good time gal/guy / Via

Your feed is full of pictures of you and your friends clutching onto bottles of wine or cans for dear life. Maybe there’s one of you hugging the toilet. Maybe you’re giving the camera a thumbs up. People might judge you, but you’re pretty sure your life is better than theirs, so it aint no thang.

8. The Facebook Elite


Also known as ‘Facebook Famous’. You can’t post that you’re going to Subway without getting spammed with a million ‘likes’ and comments from people wishing they had your life. This also gives way to a heard of basic bitches trying to tell you that you’re nothing special and that you have a big nose or something - #HatersGonHate. You sometimes feel compelled to wear sunglasses indoors, because you’re practically a Kardashian.

9. The Coupling


Your newsfeed looks like an online diary of the things you and #bae get up to. You probably write on each others walls, despite being in the same room. Your profile and cover photo are both coupling selfies, and there isn't a tagged picture on your whole profile without them on your arm. Your other half is just as bad. Everyone hates you. Sorry.

I'm pretty sure I'm a lurker.


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