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Moving To NYC Described By The Office

What is it really like living in the big city?

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1. When you first arrive and everything is magical. / Via

Skyscrapers, times square, central park!! what could be better??

2. When you see your first subway/street performer. / Via

Man, I wish I could jump over 10 random tourists and make some money.

3. Seeing every street/subway performer after your first.. / Via

I am just trying to get back to my apartment, please stop.

4. Getting on your first insanely crowded subway car. / Via

There's not enough room to move my pinky finger even if I wanted to.

5. After you give a tourist correct directions. / Via

I am New York. New York is me.

6. When the intercom comes on to say your train is delayed. / Via

Oh cool, I'll just scroll through my apps to find my least boring game and play that for the next twenty minutes.

7. When you witness too many weird things in one day. / Via

What is even going on???

8. Getting ready to look at the prices of anything anywhere in the city. / Via

27834$ for a cup of coffee??? What a deal!!!!!

9. Realizing you have to be kinda crazy to be a New Yorker, and that you are on the way.

It happens to the best of us...

10. Even though it can be hard to live here, you would not want to be anywhere else.

NYC, what a place.
The Officeisms / Via

NYC, what a place.

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