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31 Things You Can Expect To See On "The Bachelorette" Finale

Tears, tears, and oh yeah more tears.

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1. The show will open with the beloved Chris Harrison saying something along these lines in a candle lit studio.

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You might have to ask yourself if you are prepared for the emotional roller coaster that is the next three hours.


6. The men will then meet her parents and greet them with flowers that were ripped out of a garden.


Spolier alert: Her parents will grill both men but will most likely tell Andi that they are both wonderful!

8. Cue weird under water make out scenes and voice overs talking about falling in love. Like real, true, hitting home runs over the fence type of love.


22. The two men will sit down with good ol' Neil Lane to pick out a beautiful ring to give to their so called, "soul mate."

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