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21 Signs You Have A Summer Job

You take the job for the extra cash, but you always end up leaving with something more.

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1. School is over for the summer and you are imagining your days looking a little something like this.

Abso Lutely Productions / Via

2. But lets be serious. You are broke and need money so what do you do?

Nickelodeon / Via

3. You walk in for your first day ready to go. Confidence is key.

4. It may take your boss a while to remember your name.

NBC / Via
NBC / Via

You will most likely tell your boss that if he can't remember your name that, "Hey You!" works just as well.

5. If you have a job where you have to wear a uniform this question will run through your mind.

6. Its a known fact that no one likes the new person, but you at least try to make friends.


7. People who have been working there forever already have a bond. No new people allowed.


8. The training days are supposed to be taken seriously, but really its the other employees telling you things like this.

Cartoon Network / Via

9. Your first few days at work are spent just trying to stay out of the way and doing grunt work. Basically doing anything to get people to like you.

Nickelodeon / Via

It is during this time where you begin to remind yourself that all of this is temporary.

10. Oh, a co-worker is trying to get to know you.

11. You tell them that you are just here for the summer because you're going back to school and you automatically receive the cold shoulder.

12. Soon enough people start to befriend you and remind you that you're doing a great job.

Fox / Via

13. Then a magical thing starts to happen...your bank account hits double digits, triple even. Its pay day baby!

TLC / Via

14. You start spending so much time at work that it becomes your dating pool.

Universal Pictures / Via

15. A summer fling with a co-worker? Couldn't hurt right?

Paramount Pictures / Via

Its only for a few months and those things always end well...

16. Over time you start to become a seasoned professional at your job and you have a new found confidence in everything you do.

Apatow Productions / Columbia Pictures / Via

17. Then the time comes when your co-workers start gossiping with you about other co-workers and you are all...

Bravo / Via

It is during this moment where you know you have become one of them.

18. Suddenly you start to feel like you have been working there for years and it makes you feel kinda good.

CBS / Via

19. By the end of the summer you have the feeling of accomplishment. You made some friends, perhaps had a summer fling and made some serious cash. A proper goodbye is the only thing that is needed.

20. You tell your boss thanks for the opportunity and you will definitely be back next summer.

Orion Pictures / Via

21. But in your head its more like this.

The Weinstein Company / Via

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