21 Life Lessons As Told By Cristina Yang From "Grey’s Anatomy"

Because who wouldn’t take advice from Cristina Yang? After all, she really did have an answer for everything.

1. You have the power to change things.

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2. If you know you got it, work your damn self.

3. You don’t have to express your emotions all the time.

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4. Set goals for yourself.


5. When the going gets tough, have a drink.

6. Especially in times of dire need.

7. Always know what your priorities are.

8. If you have questions always do some research.

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9. Its important to know that some things will never change.


10. Always be ahead of the pack.

11. Softball is always better when you are in the outfield with a flask.

12. If it becomes too much to handle just let it all out.

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13. Learn from the past and don’t repeat it.


14. Sometimes known facts need to be said out loud.

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15. Its extremely important to have a person.

16. People are nosy, but its important to shut those people down.


17. Don’t ever let anyone change you.

18. Be driven. Succeed. Kick ass.


19. Time management and multi tasking are necessities in life.

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20. Smile, the pain will eventually end.

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21. When it doubt…dance it out.

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