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14 Reasons Why You Can't Stand That One Kid In The Front Row

Excuse me, the question was directed to whole class not just you. Pipe down.

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1. They like to take it upon themselves to greet everyone who walks into an 8 a.m. class.

2. If you're lucky you take the seat in the back. If you're late, well, front row seat it is. Right next to the most obnoxious person in class.

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3. The first question of the day is asked and their hand is in the air before the professor is finished asking it.

4. The professor picks them because someone is showing a form of enthusiasm. Little did they know they just opened pandora's box of endless comments and stories.

5. The kid goes on and on and on about something that's probably unrelated to the actual question.

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The entire class, in silent unity, now loathes this person.

6. Awesome, you just learned about their sister who started out as an journalism major but is now in finance because she just hated the fashion industry.

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7. You zoned out and now the next question is directed at you. You have no idea what they asked. You really don't belong in the front row.

8. Don't worry, that one kid jumped in to answer. You didn't even get a chance to speak.

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9. You never volunteer on your own. That was your chance for actual participation points. Damn you kid!

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10. But wait, you actually know something and want to contribute. You raise your hand slowly still unsure about actually speaking in class.

11. That one kid wants to add something to what you just said. Absolutely not. Shut up. This is your moment to shine.

12. Turns out what you had to say had more value then what that one kid said. Guess some people don't know it all.

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13. Oh yeah, you've got this. You're smart...kind of!

14. To top it all off, at the end of class the kid announces to the entire class that they want to form a study group to start studying for an exam thats 4 weeks away.

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Over achievers...just no.

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