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    30 Signs You Have Lived In Isla Vista

    The beautiful beach-front community situated along side the University of California, Santa Barbara. Memories were made, lost in a blur and was home to the best four (or more) years of your life.

    1. You find yourself nodding, reminiscing or currently living out this list congratulations, you've experienced the REAL happiest place on Earth.

    2. You participated in Floatopia

    3. Del Topia is the "new" April tradition

    4. Houses like this don't really catch you off guard and you'll always miss the Marley House

    5. Halloween was a week-long event

    6. Your nights often consisted of walking to Del Playa in seach of a house party... which took a whole 5 seconds

    7. You know the answer to life is simply "Freebirds"

    8. You have tried to talk your way out of a "Minor in Possession" or "Drunk in Public"

    9. This is what parking lots looked like

    10. Drinking games were the #1 passtime

    11. You went to at least one disgusting foam party that you'll never talk about

    12. The end of finals was signaled by the burning of a couch

    13. You know exactly where this is

    14. Your living room looked like this occaisionally

    15. And your closet looked like this

    16. You rode your bike everywhere

    17. You were judged by what dorm you lived in Freshman year

    18. This was the most important town rivalry

    19. You lived 100 feet from the beach but didn't really go that often

    20. Throwing a goal post in the ocean was the most appropriate way to celebrate an important victory

    21. You had at least one conversation with Pirate

    22. You know a life without 24-hour Mexican food isn't worth living

    23. Keg and Bottle was your shrine

    24. "I can't, I have 50 club" was a valid excuse spring quarter

    25. Every weekend the fields were taken over by people attempting to play sports for charity

    26. Sam's was the best place to be mid-day or to start "The Loop"

    27. This could only mean it's Wednesday of finals week. Duh.

    28. You walk of shame-d in a group at least once

    29. You heard many tales about the elusive albino raccoon

    30. This makes you smile and wish you could live in IV forever

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