19 Things That Mean Something Completely Different In Your First Apartment

Your home is your castle!

1. “Apartment hunting”

How bad is it? What IS that smell?

2. “Commitment”

I’ve signed the lease. This is happening.

3. “Moving in”

This is how you imagine the process. Quick. And. Easy.

4. “Moving in” …Actually

Hours of figuring out how on EARTH that couch is getting in.

5. “Spacious”

It’s ok, I totally fit.

6. “Multi-purpose”

I’ll find a way to make this work.. no problem!

7. “Simple”

I can’t afford furniture yet.

8. “Re-arranging”

Want to know how I got these bruises? Yeah, I was re-arranging.

9. “Personal Touches”

Finger painting is fine art right?

10. “Utility bills”

Being warm during winter costs HOW much?!

11. “Budgeting”

I’m living on 2 minute noodles this month.

12. “Landlord”

Someone you can count on to make things slightly more complicated.

13. “Cooking dinner”

What food do I have left over and what can I use to cook it?

14. “Baking”

Attempting to make desserts from the book someone gave you as a housewarming present… and failing.

15. “Cleaning”

Time to rock out.

16. “Organizing”

How did this get here? Seriously, how did this happen?

17. “Privacy”

I am going to lock all the doors and hang out in my underwear.

18. “Neighbors”

The people I watch eat dinner without their knowing.

19. “Independence”

I fully intend to fall asleep on the couch while watching TV and I will NOT be judged.

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