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    18 Things Every University Of Wollongong Student Knows

    Including UOW Alum "Dr Karl" Kruszelnicki.

    1. Ducks. Always expect ducks.

    2. The best stories come from riding the Gong Shuttle.

    Bogan Hunters. Live daily on the green bus.

    3. O-Week is an important right of passage.

    Don't forget all the free stuff!!

    4. Parking on campus is impossible.

    But you know where all the secret spots are if you absolutely need to drive

    5. ...Unless you pick up random people on your way.

    "hey can you get in my car for like... 200 meters?"

    6. Unibar. Always a better option than class.

    7. Not all buildings were created equal.

    8. ...especially building 19.

    9. There is a definitive ranking of the best places to eat on campus.

    10. ...and the best coffee.

    11. Your cell phone is useless.

    So much technology but so little cell service?

    12. Internet is a precious thing.

    Thank goodness youtube is free!

    13. is desk/computer space.

    14. Do not be concerned when someone tells you they live in Hospital.

    Or Alcatraz, the Yard, Trench Town...

    15. The cheapest nights to go out are Wednesday and Thursday.

    And the locations rotate every session

    16. Goon.

    You know it. Too, too, well.

    17. For every time you've hiked Mount Keira, there's 10 times you said you would... and then didn't.

    But it's always worth it for the view

    18. Every weekend you can be found riiiight here.

    Does it get better than this?!

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