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18 Signs Your Mate May Be A WOG

Because we all have THAT mate.

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1. They tell all their stories with their hands

2. They ALWAYS have a better packed lunch than you

And they carry it in a Produce bag because they can't fit 2 falafel chicken sandwiches, 4 oranges, 3 bananas, a jar of olives, a loaf of bread and a kebab into a regular paper lunch bag

3. They seem to get in trouble at school often

4. They correct your pronunciation of important phrases

5. "You can never have enough sub-woofers" is their motto

6. They insist they are broke but always have nice cars

7. If something goes wrong with your car, they always have an opinion about what it is, but have no clue what to do about it

8. You have been told, "You can never have enough hair gel"

9. You know what too much aftershave can do to the nostrils

10. All the males in the family have plenty of hair

11. Which is complimented nicely by that chain they are always wearing

12. It is never hard to spot their house from the street

13. And you always drink out of glasses like these at their house

14. You feel uncomfortable sitting on their couch because of the plastic coverings

15. Their backyard is all concrete

16. You wish you were as smooth with the ladies

17. Seriously.

18. When you show them this page this is how they will react

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